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What Does Being "KNOWN' By The Police Really Mean?

What Does Being "KNOWN' By The Police Really Mean?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

The 'Bucket Bomber' was known and released several weeks ago!  Society has changed and deals in slipt second decisions without all the facts!

It is a digital age and not one of 'Go Fish' for information, law enforcement MUST change to a data/information repository as we at CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner have developed and is in effect in the USA!

The Triangulation of Digital Policing & Crime Fighting (Read)

This killer also was also known but had broken no laws. he legally purchased guns and ammo and had been visited by law enforcement for discharging a firearm at his house.  He had broken no laws but is daily actions for months were strange.

Is being strange against the law?  Depends on what you mean by strange! People must report concerns there is no time to evaluate when guns and bombs are going off!

Confirmed reports of at least one of the Islamist terrorist from the London Bridge Murders was "KNOWN" to the local police and Counterterrorism Units. Simply meaning a connection to others, events, conversation or writings associate the individual with known terror or criminal sympathizers.

Even documentary footage has been found and his words of support for Islamic ideology have now been uncovered.  


The police forces of the world cannot and never will be everywhere and all knowing.  It is impossible, that is why we must have our SNITCHERS, GRASSES, and INFORMANTS

The world turns and revolves on an information and a communication chain. Right hand knowing what the left hand is doing, you know the routine.

There is a major concern that we must be "Politically Correct" in our actions and words when it comes to Peoples Rights.  Wrong, when life and limb are concerned, whatever means necessary must taken to protect all.

Words of politicians such as "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" or "THE BLOODSHED MUST END" are all well and good, but do nothing for the real issues of those that are inciting and recruiting others to carry out terror attacks on human beings globally.

Religious leaders who preach hate and death to others must be stopped, removed from their pulpits and charged accordingly to the laws of the land. They are as guilty as the suicide bomber, knife welding jihadist or bomb maker.

Political Correctness has no place in today's bloody world!

So being "KNOWN" is common practice among Islamist Terrorists, just like the "KNOWN" figures in the IRA (Irish Republican Army).  Back in the heyday of IRA bombings, we knew who was in the leadership and responsible for killings and were politically gagged in doing the right thing.  Some of those today are now in governmental leadership positions and still organizing!

Fighting terrorism with both hands tied behind your back is not ever going to be successful.  The hands must be "FREE" enabling proactive sequences to stop these morons with their supposed righteous ideology and cultural messages of hate.

These are not empty words of some "do-gooders", we speak with knowledge and proactive authoritative successful actions.  Knowing both sides of the issues and what works and does not work.  As communicators who listen to all and collectively have the abilities to place into action the necessary next moves are available and working already in over 1,000 police agencies.

WE call it ATMOSPHERICS, the Art of Communications and have proved the success in Iraq & Afghanistan in gleaning and gathering solid information and acting upon.  Today, the USA is benefiting from our successes.

For twenty-one years we have been at the forefront of analytics, both criminal and predictive with the full understanding of the social aspects of today's communications tools, "Social Media Interactions".

The time has come to throw away the "FEAR FACTOR" of making the decision on allowing those that have proven track records, for collective criminal and public data.  The third part of the triangulation puzzle, social media, the world of "Fingers & Thumbs", which is how Islamist terrorist communicate.  They must be brought into the daily spotlight of Atmospherics.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner has more data at hand, it is billions of records with full link analysis, negating the "go fish" approach of police agencies today.  The U.K. can have full capabilities within months.  Allowing for all information to be securely at the fingertips of those that need to know.  Ensuring more productive actions in these times of reduced budgets, staffing, increased population through refugee movements and overall crime.


These are grave times and need immediate proactive moves, of which we have the solutions and importantly, necessary where-with-all to accomplish the end goals.

We stand in the spotlight, not sharing all that we know in the public view, as the enemy has ears, eyes, and spies.  

So Do WE!

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