Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It Only Takes One Nut…

It Only Takes One Nut…
The Streets Are Lined With mental Cases
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group 

2017 and the world are full of nutcases who should be locked in the closed down mental institutions of the world.  Our streets have become the mental wards of our unfortunate past and we grasp and sigh each and every time another senseless act of violence occurs.

Sex offenders litter our society like the cast off chewing gum, peddlers of porn lay at every street corner trying to entrap our children, as if it is Las Vegas Boulevard with the handouts for the strippers and whores.

Poverty is rife in all worldwide cities, which harbor gangs, who prey on the unclean and destitute.  Woman are raped and really, law enforcement, in general, don’t really care.

Guns are everywhere, including with those people that pass background checks for permitting and then, the majority that uses the gun for illegal and illicit means and leaves a trail of blood for CIS to follow and a body to be found.

The do-gooders of the world are in the minority and are normally trampled upon or bullied until they disappear. 

One such do-gooder is brought his message to Brazil, The Pope, the leader of the Catholic Church visited and stay for one week in a nation that is riding on the fact that there are no nutcases who wish to do harm to the do-gooder.

Look at what is going on now, even supposed secure prisons.

However, Pope Francis' direct style of communication, his desire for close proximity with his flock and his frequent rejection of protocol created some worry among the organizers of that visit.

No one wants trouble, it is just that trouble seems to have spread in our society like a dose of the Plague. Hatred is abundant and on every street corner of every city and no matter how we try, it is multiplying at an even greater rate.

Socially, no matter how you look at it, we are in a decline of moral fortitude and are burying our heads in the sand, leaving our arses in the air, which are a larger target for all.

The means to understand and predict is not something of the future, it is here now and has been here for some time.  CommSmart Global knows what is going on, has the capabilities to share its knowledge and assist in the prevention of the decline of our world. 

This is not some marketing hype or fictional movie script, we logically have the approach to be the change agents. Our success and history precede us, our private concerns are just that, we do not pit one country or corporation against another, we pit sensible proven solutions against the diabolic problems.

If you are wanting stability in your life, whether it is in your own family, where you have forgotten the art of parenting and your children are running wild. 
Your corporation, where keeping your head above the fray of hiring and keeping personnel, competition and successful marketing is consuming your ability to continue.

As the nation, you as leaders, have forgotten who you were elected by and for what purpose.  In fact, you have stopped listening to the electorate, the people and what they want out of life.

We can help…

The world has lost trust in each other.  Every continent is rife with conflicts, large and small.  It is the ignorance of all that is driving the social wedge between us.  The simplest of things sparks adversity and then become insurmountable or so it seems.

It is not!

The lesson to be learned, as in all events in life, is that, you can never please all of the people, all of the time, but you can when you have facts before you.
The means to know what people, the citizens are talking about is a start, listen to the social mediums on a direct level, scraping each word from inside the growing social world of thumbing

Having strong leadership with direct communication skills is an even greater advantage.  Taking the gathered information and analyzing the real time data, which places you in a next event predictability mode, is an opportunity to be with us, as the change agency.  Not too much to ask when all the elements are at your fingertips.

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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