Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Death is Guaranteed, Importantly, It is What is In-between that Makes the Difference

Death is Guaranteed, Importantly, It is What is
In-between that Makes the Difference
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

We are a nation and world of laws with agencies that make sure we adhere to them and the protection of the public.  Sir Robert Peel whilst Home Secretary of Great Britain formed the first police force with a set of rules or principles for the public.  After all, as Peel stated:

“The Public are the Police and Police are the Public”.

The NinePeelian Principles Peel created were not for the police force, but for the public as that is where the force came from, the general population.

It is the same today and those 9 Peelian Principles stand firm, they are the Policeman’s Bible and we realize we must integrate technology in the form of Digital Policing which CommSmart Global Group have been utilizing since the global threat of terrorism.  Yes, a tenth Peelian Principle that encompasses all with the digital technology and foresight to aggressively protect us all.

We call it Atmospherics, collecting all the particles of information that float in sun and moonlight.  Capturing all, to be processed and not just stored in a silo for a rainy day.

CommSmart Global Group is a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner, which through its full professional services and qualifications, has created over the last two decades technology for improving policing by using old fashion police techniques and the productive growth capabilities of our digital expertise.

The world has changed and so must we!  We are asked by accounting to watch and cut costs, which if continued to be suggested, by those that have never worked within a community, enacted the laws and physically have blinkers on, masking the real issues, is going to be to the detriment and safety of officers and the public.
  • Social Media Monitoring (Watching/Listening to Criminals in Real Time)
  • Crime Analyst
  • Community Crime Mapping
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Facial Recognition (SIP – Stop, Interview, Process)
  • Integrate Daily Briefing with Personal Dashboard Analytics (For Beat/Ward Staff)
  • Full Accurint Risk Solutions with in-depth training with 6-month follow-ups

This is what we call Proven Digital Policing!


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