Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cost Effective Resources

Crime Fighting Core Values 
By Nick Ashton, Founder/CEO 
Tracometry Group of Companies 

No matter where we look, the word budgets and attempting to maintain core values seems to pop off the page.

When it comes to policing our civilization, maintaining law, order,

investigations and court time, we have failed from the original reasons that Sir Robert Peel invented policing back in 1829. Back then it was visibility of the officers, wearing a tall hat and the sounds of the police whistle that stated that crime fighters where on the streets. Pro-active reasoning!

Warnings from high-ranking police officers that budget cuts are causing deep unrest, not with the criminals who benefit from the cuts, it is the front line police officers themselves and must be taken seriously. Demoralizing police, is leading to a loss of confidence from the community and a rise in crimes.

Comments from Public Safety Directors should not be ignored by the Government or police hierarchy. The same warnings went unheeded in the late 1990s with disastrous consequences and we see the results today of those moves.
"At a time when budgets and non-sworn support staff are being cut again and again, we would be very foolish to ignore the warnings now being given by senior police who have seen the long-term consequences of such cuts before.

In the late 1990s, senior police officers warned that budget cuts meant

resources were stretched too thin.

Gangs, drugs, child abuse and other areas of 'business-as-usual' policing were being neglected while police bosses focused resources on delivering so called paper results in the areas the Government demanded.

Those officers saw their warnings unheeded and many left with the same sense of frustration shown in street level policing comments of today.

The changing face of policing needs to be positive.

If the gate is undone, the field is empty and the sheep have gone, you then spend resources on searching for the known lost sheep. That is expensive failed reactionary policing.

Positive policing is pro-active, good sturdy fencing, a secure gate and locking system that stops them from escaping or being stolen. Even more hi-tech, are sensors, cameras and a reporting system.

Like all households, public safety and police are keeping a close eye on spending in difficult financial times, and are attempting in working smarter and better to produce citizen demanded results. The problem is the information they are working off, is old data and not current.

These public warnings are just the tip of the iceberg, echoing concerns being expressed privately by many senior officers.

The police hierarchy will always be tempted to dismiss such warnings as baseless, and those who make them, as out of touch with what they feel is modern policing.

And while the statistics keep running their way, the Government and public may find it easy to be foolishly reassured.

However, experience shows that we ignore such warnings at our peril.
Recognizing that there is a far better logical method of pro-active policing is the first step.

Now that you have done so, let us explain why we will improve policing with little, but adequate financial impact in the necessary areas.

Results orientated procedures are vital to the stability of crime fighting. Just like the medical profession, technology has got to be allowed to work hand in hand with professional police personnel to reduce crime and corral the instigators.

Street level information has always been out there since time began. Old fashion policing, the beat cop, who was a local, knew his people, their traits, habits and he stored that information in his brain, for retrieval when a potential crime was reported. In most cases, he nipped in the bud with the criminal before it happen, with the clip round the ear of the local lout, who was stealing, breaking windows or doing damage.

Crime has changed and progressed to murder, drugs, gangs, rape, domestic violence, child abuse, thefts and whole list of activities that can fill a book. So much information is on the streets, one beat cop cannot cope and needs technological assistance, real time pro-active assistance.

The Tracometry Group of Companies has the circle of fire concept, powered

by BAIR Analytics, which at its proven core is:

· crime analytics

· tracking analysis

· point to point analysis

· calls for service data

· next event predictability

All elements that are required to stay on top, beating the criminal at their own widening game. 

No, we are not IBM or one of the other so called data companies. We are a group of law enforcement savvy analysis, street level, logical purveyors of required solutions.

Over 500 agencies already use our street smart analytical solutions, plus the Department of Defense (DOD), overseas agencies, and for loss prevention with Target and Walmart.

Our techniques have been proven since 1998, our expertise in crime fighting and counter terrorism goes back much further, forty four years to be precise. Our team, is second to none in the understanding of crime fighting and the necessary required tools, which have to be easy to use.

We know budgets and where monies must be spent to catch-up and the use of your limited resources, in ways you never knew could occur. It is the cost effective results we both want and are demanded by your citizens, they are the ultimate beneficiary.

It is the public that know what is going on and those frontline officers who go to work each day.

Simply, they do care and deserve the tools to do the job of protect and serve.

Talk to us and let down to earth sensibility succeed, book a webinar and fully understand why we can work together and become one crime fighting team.

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