Tuesday, January 20, 2015

When Hiring and Firing Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

When Hiring and Firing 
Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Budgets cuts work both ways, HR departments, who are guided by department heads are the ones who advertise the positions available and then interview the potential candidates.  Are you using outdated logic in your hiring process?

Choices of candidates is a decision that will cost your company thousands of dollars, in training and slowdown in the integration of the new hire.  Are you really sure that the choice is correct?

Even when downsizing a company, are you really sure you letting go the right person or persons?  The overall effect on those left behind can change the inner communications factor of a company.  You may think you have been in a cost cutting mode, but in fact, it costing you money and lost communications.

Analytics, facts, figures and inner communication must be taken into consideration when making change.  There goes that word, change, and we all have the picture of what effects change does to company or even a country.

Like Law Enforcement, when faced with a massive budget cut of 20%, you immediately grab the highlighter pen and start going through files.  Many of the cuts are wrong and personal in nature and should be thought through very carefully.

The hiring process is just as important in the decision making process and you are banking your corporate future on the new hires.  They must be trained correctly, have communication skills to understand their new environment and importantly, have the dedication to work for the company.  Otherwise you have just cost all within the company, a major problem.

CommSmart Global and Comme Ca Consultancy has been reviewing and solving corporate problems linked to recession/downturn and growth/expansion introducing our successful and proven corporate communications strategies that work hand in hand in your realigning of your corporate future and profitability.

It is about Cultural Change, not only the marketplace, but how you do business. From Cyber Security with Data in Motion to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), the inner security of each and every player within your team. top down and bottom up is vital.

What is your "real" opinion of the Sales/Marketing department?  I know, many think they are nothing more than mouthing low lifers!  


When selected and trained correctly, they are your corporate life blood!  With sales, which is income, there is no company and you have no job.

It is about understanding the inner culture, working together for the same goals, not back stabbing and in-fighting.

This is not something that just appeared on our horizon, it has been used in Europe for decades and these proven communication skill sets will make positive change to you and all within your company, no matter what the size.

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