Tuesday, February 9, 2016


By Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies.

Take me back to when things were virtuous. I believe that since the so-called improvements in our technology to speak directly to each other from anywhere in the world, we have gone downhill faster than a kid skateboarding down the steepest hill in his city on a longboard and breaking all the city ordinances you can think of. Including smiling and having fun in his mind and forgetting that it is a deadly sport and could harm others.

We are told more about the weather than life itself and do not get me started on sports coverage! If only we took the same amount of time on those subjects in our business and social life, we would not be in the mess we are in.

Lack of communication is the cause of conflict. We lack the ability to talk as if we are always losing the service on our cell phones. I think it was twenty years ago, the BBC give audio recording devices to  a family, each of them recorded all that they said during the day and then it was analyzed for the amount of communications that took place between members of the family.  It was less than ten minutes in total on a daily basis.  I now believe it is even less!

In this speedy developing society, some people leave less time to communicate with their family members at home and work, then when they order their special mixed up latte at the coffee shop. This phenomenon has been seen all around us from our friends or work colleagues, that are doing the self-same thing and getting deeper in the vortex of anger, as we are ill informed on everything, except the niche we, have decided is ours.  It is then taken into the workplace among our co-workers and becomes a vicious circle of negativity and disaster.

In my opinion we can find a way to avoid it and should do something to reduce its negative effects and maintain our happy life as well as survival in this business world.

Furthermore, this phenomenon is a result of social development. We produced this problem for ourselves and it is up to us to take the bull by the horns and restart the social change.

You know us as CommSmart Global Group of Companies, we communicate and say it as it is!  All that we do and our services have one thing in common, communications. This is direct, in your face communications that we wear on our sleeves and in our hearts with a passion we cannot manufacture, it is natural and available to all.

It is with all this in mind that CommSmart Global Group of Companies are announcing that we are expanding our proven Leadership and Communication as part of our services, with ZoooMeee.  

From making the right decisions in hiring and maintaining the massive investment you make in your employees and management, enabling far better leadership on all levels, which changes your bottom line and direct communications between all.  The latter is the last but most vital part of the success of all.

How many of you in the Public Safety sector walk into work and go to that briefing before your shift, having that “I could careless attitude”?  Just another day that will tick by, no matter what you do, or how you care.  How many of you in the workplace are unconcerned, it is just a job?  Do you really feel that bad about your bosses?  Have you lost the will to not just be the best at your job, but enjoy coming to work? 

Let us in the door and assist in your abilities in being the best!  We have a proven keyset that will open the sensible solutions and lock you in for success.

Tell me about the good old days, show me how to progress... 

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