Friday, June 21, 2013

Corruption is Alive and Well, Even In the Good Old USA!

How Long Have We all Been 
Hiding Behind the Mask of Distrust?
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO,
Tracometry Group of Companies.

When the riots in Middle East started, those in the Western world just fobbed it off as a bunch of Arabs and Muslims that were pissed off.  Where they?  Then, the unrest started, fire bombs, tear gas and the first person died, then the second and thousands gave their lives for what they believe in.

What do you believe?

Brazil… did you ever think that this Western civilized country could be dragged to this?  Who is next?  Are you save from unrest, people protesting in the streets for what they believe is right?  It has happened worldwide in most countries, to same level.  Maybe not in Liechtenstein or the Hamptons.

I have been on the streets during a riot, back in the late 1970’s, in Monrovia, Liberia.  It was Good Friday or bad Friday of the families that lost loved ones that died that day.  More than 70 lost their lives from the police being told to fire over the heads of the protesters.  The majority died of head wounds and the blood run on the streets over the increase in the price of rice.

Death has struck on the streets of Brazil last night. It is reported that the 18-year-old man killed in the city of Ribeirao Preto was the first person reported to have died in the protests. The motorist who drove through the barricade is said to have fled the scene.

In Sao Paulo, police said 100,000 people had gathered on the city's landmark Avenida Paulista.

Members of the city's Free Access Movement (Movimento Passe Livre) - which has been campaigning for better public transport - earlier pledged to take to the streets "to celebrate" the reversal of a public-transport fare increase.

The protests, originally triggered by the increase on 2 June, have since grown into a much wider movement.

More than a million people are reported to have taken part in protests in about 100 cities across Brazil, the latest in a wave of anti-government rallies.

Violence erupted in many places and an 18-year-old man died when a car drove through a barricade in Sao Paulo state.

Protests began more than a week ago over high transport fares but are also highlighting corruption and the cost of next year's football World Cup.

President Dilma Rousseff called off a trip to Japan to deal with the crisis.

She has called an emergency meeting of her cabinet for Friday to discuss the unrest.

The newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, citing official figures, said that more than one million people had taken part in Thursday's demonstrations.

Brazilian media said there were protests in more than 100 cities.

We have been warning you all, till we are blue in the face that you must listen to the streets, the chatter, and the real truth of unrest.

Was this really about the increase in the price of a bus ticket? Just like a little annoying miniscule irritation in your shoe, like a rock, you adjust your toes to put up with it, then you get upset and try and remove it. The fact that have put up with it for a period time is just like the protesters putting up with their government. No matter what your intelligence level, you get annoyed and react. It is to what level you react is more to the point.

It is about a human trait that is alive and kicking in all nations,

The pulse of the people cannot be ignored by politicians and world leaders. They will not go away and many, in the West, which includes the United States, thinks they can control the people with empty words and actions.

From a psychological point of view, we must know the Chatter of the Streets, know what the problems are, the concerns and those that are plotting against society. Riots do not just harm the government, it harms and destroys the community where the action takes place. It affects all!

Tracometry Group of Companies and our teams, understand what is required and has been collecting the pulse of nations, so we can adjust and correct. Yes, sometimes it includes arresting individuals that wish to go too far. Do we not want harmony for all?

It is about true leadership, communications and information to allow us to assist in the direction of our society.

Gathering the information and analytically studying the real time facts, we have a far better opportunity to adjust and to some extent, control our destiny.

CORRUPTION in countries, municipalities and corporations is controllable…

Listen to the words on the street…
WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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