Sunday, July 14, 2013

Updated: Morally and Legally, The Verdict is In…

Morally and Legally, The Verdict is In…
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.


Having seen a Sunday of "thumbing" via social miss-media and false comments across the board, I made this statement to miss-informed individuals:

"Mr. Martin, a young man was not murdered! He was killed in a fight and the person who was charged, with the preponderance of evidence and a jury of his Peers found him not guilty. Get over it and place your energy on the issues of your community of the living and stop fueling a fire that will burn those that attempt to perpetuate it!"

Time to change the future, not the past.  deal with issues that are staring us all in the face, making parents parent again and being responsible for the actions of their children.  This the base problem and until that is addressed, the problem will go on and on.  Young people killing and abusing each other, if let alone, will kill us all!
The lesson to be learned, as in all events in life, is that, you can never please all of the people, all of the time. 

The tragedy is on many levels, firstly, that a young man died, it is an event that changed the lives of two families, both Martin and Zimmerman and those that know both individuals involved in this incident.

A jury followed the law, which sadly was not followed in the first place by the police or the prosecutors. Politics and policing do not mix and here is a perfect case for that argument.

There is no jubilance in this case whatsoever.  There are no winners or monsters in this case!  The case itself has no evidence of racism, it is only in the media and those that wish to capture the theme of racism for their own inner problems that are perpetuate the racial accusations.  If it escalates to another level, beware, as those that drive that falsehood will be dealt with by the laws they do not wish to abide by.

We should not have to ask for peace, we should not have to explain the tension between Blacks and Whites, we should, in the cold light of day, ask why this social tension is continuing in 2013, after all that has gone on, regarding social integration.  It is more than the color of skin, it is about a blight within our societal layers of life.

Violence is fueling the community problems, the gun, fists, knives and words are causing tragedy each and every single day.  The youth of America and the world are fueling their own demise in their actions and sucking more young people into the vortex of crime and killing of each other.  This is the tail wagging the dog and it seems the responsibility of parenting has completely gone.  Parents cannot see it is their fault.  It is fairly and squarely at their feet.  Sadly, they know not what to do!

Bitterness is prevalent and must be addressed at the highest level, politics and the prosecutors do not mix and this case, it should have never been brought to trial in the first case.

Lines have been crossed and now we have a situation that will reverberate for a long time.  It is the time to look within, to look at each other and not with hateful eyes.  It is time to accept that a tragedy took place and all have been harmed, yes even you and me.

Fixing our own streets and inadequacies is now the challenge.  The first step is the acceptance that there is a major problem that stems from parenting failed responsibility.  No matter what your color of skin, blood is the same color and is being spilled in the most ridiculous manner. 

We cannot continue trading barbs, we must place our energy in a cohesive direction to the underlying factor of parenting failure and the constant disbelief that parents have a horse in this race.  They are your children, they are causing the problem and you must stand up to your responsibility to the issues.

If people and communities want to resolve the issues which are killing our children, they need to direct their energy in a positive direction. 

Only the next 48 hours will tell us, if, people really can, all get along!

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