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Societal Security Starts at the Grassroots with Pure Logic.

Societal Security Starts at 
the Grassroots with Pure Logic.
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group 

Society is under attack, not just with guns, knives, bombs, including radicals, even our own people, neighbors, co-workers, but from Cyber Terrorists.  That title, though, glorifies what they do.  They are nothing more than low-life who prey on you, your company and information that is rightfully yours.

Let me put in perspective some technical stuff, that you should at least scan before we get to the heart of the message.

At the base of all we do is TRUSTED DEVICE, the replacement of your ability to sign-on or log-in to your personal or business data.  It uses your Device DNA, that is simple and manageable to the point of only a few hours a year. 

TRUSTED DEVICE is an anonymous bullet resistant tube that connects end to end for your data in motion.  Total Corporate and Personal Security!

Paperless has always been a dream and was promised many decades ago, well, we have it!  All your repetitive forms on your tablet/Smart Mobile Phone/Laptop.  Truly a great move to save the trees!  Oh, saves you time and money as well!

I believe we have taken a gigantic step with an opportunity to change how you fill-in forms, repetitive information and disseminating it throughout your databases and departments.  The Tablet and Smart Mobile Phone have given us that opportunity and our knowledge of the ubiquity of pen and paper, which we were one of the first to embrace the digital pen and design applications has allowed us to be more than one step ahead in this field.  Now, we can use a mobile screen to collect the information.

The ability to have “live” information has now come to reality, not only for Police Officers working a crime scene, it is now available to a myriad of focused applications, including Bailiffs and Process Servers who have major changes effective from April 2014.  If you are repeatedly filling out forms, having to then re-type, then we can simplify and accelerate the information in your company.  Some information will still stay on paper, as courts want a copy left with the individual.

Connectivity is as important as all of our solutions and is as significant as all the rest. Our Black-Box - Secure Motion installed in the vehicle gives you full connectivity from your Police Car, Ambulance, Fire Truck, Incident Mobile Control Unit or Emergency Management Command HQ.  I mean full connectivity and fully affordable.

It does not stop there, we create a 1000 foot (300 meters) Wi-Fi Hotspot for use with the Tablet or Smart Mobile Phone.  Fully secure and those that are authorized to use are anonymous to all, no one can see what is being sent down the bullet resistant tube for an end to end data in motion delivery via TRUSTED DEVICE.

Each device you use to communicate, control your environment, access information controlled through one connected Dashboard on all your devices, securely going about your business with no fear of the Hacker, Phisher, and Man in the Middle Brutal Attacker.  A secure Hive to protect all.

How we make the telephone call, send texts, emails and review documents on our Smartphone, all without the Internet!  The Internet is the major security issue to us all and we must separate cell phone activity and the Internet to survive.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we have created and sourced.


Regarding Societal Security and Risk, Commsmart Global Group of Companies (Commsmart People), seeks to enhance knowledge about threats, hazards and vulnerability, prevent undesirable events and strengthen crisis management, while at the same time safeguarding fundamental rights and the protection of the vulnerable.  Our research has stretched far, leaving no stone unturned, thanks to all. 

That is why our Pied Piper Project works!  It is about changing the TRAP society is wrapped in.  The Pied Piper Project has a far better TRAP:


Not just for the community, but those that are there to assist, from housing departments, Public Safety, and Parents!

To be able to communicate with all, we must have a core value of Team Leadership and Communications that is connected to all.

We must promote the development of new knowledge, build networks and qualify research groups to participate in community cooperation, including all intercity leaders, inter-faith groups, public safety departments and importantly the community of all ages. Societal security entails the ability of society to maintain critical societal functions and safeguard the life, health and basic needs of its citizens during normal life and events that pose various types of stressors. The point of departure for societal security efforts is that crises can and must be prevented. This implies understanding their causes and preventing threats or hazards from manifesting themselves.

Street level understanding means going into the trenches and using our senses to fully understand the problems.  This is not an exercise for the media, government or those social groups who think they are do-gooders.  It is about being listeners and proactive action based groups and individuals.  Those that act on the gleaned information and get their hands into the problems and mold the change. 

Doers to the core!

This is Atmospheric Noise Collection, Chatter on the Streets, people talking to people.  Over hearing chatter that has a meaning, it what the people are talking about, planning and annoyed about.

Does a political party just meet in a room and hammer out what they want as their platform or agenda for the next election?  Sure they, they believe they can hand the voting public their mission for the country and it will be accepted via advertising and speak loudly.  No, the public has opinions and not the one the market researcher gathers.  It is the street and café talk that is important and would be much easier to adapt and implement.

In the event that crises nonetheless arise, they must be dealt with in the best possible manner.

Focusing on several thematic priority areas, including technologies in interaction with society, organizations and individuals; patterns and magnitude of risks and threats, vulnerability and society’s risk tolerance; policies, controls and regulation; and crisis management and risk communication.

Generating knowledge about the new and emerging security issues arising at the interface of national and individual security – between law, order and traditional national defense on the one hand and public safety, preparedness, rescue services, emergency relief and crisis management on the other.

It can be viewed like this, as I am British and enjoy my tea, it can be compared to the whistle of the kettle when it boils, letting you know it is time to fill the pot, letting the tea have time to steep.  Like the kettle, the pressure finally became so great that the solutions burst onto the scene. It is a fact that we live in a world that is increasingly exposed to many types of risk, and we profoundly need more insight into how we can create a more lasting resilient society.

Naturally, it is concluded that we should do more to reduce vulnerability. Collective developments today are making society ever more advanced and complex, but this also results in a greater impact if an incident occurs. Thus, it is no longer controversial to say that we need greater insight into how we can create a more hardy society.

Society is exposed to a multitude of types of risks and that we need more insight into on how we can improve resilience. We must focus on the information technology infrastructure that is ever changing in today’s fast paced world. Technology is far from perfect and failures occur, online banks and mobile phone networks breaking down, and thousands of attacks by computer hackers each day. We also face many challenges related to natural disasters, terrorism, aviation security and the like. We cannot cover all the areas of societal security, so we have focused on public safety and the crumbling of communities, education, families, and teens.

It is the miss-trust, lack of respect and failed pride in the communities and among teens, resulting in gang and drug violence, murder, domestic violence and flash gang incidents at malls, shopping centers, and social gathering points.

Sure, we have been lucky! We also have many skilled, talented and dedicated people who do a good job, and these organizations have a great deal of valuable experience. Nonetheless, it is clear that there have not been adequate systematic efforts to ensure societal security at the base levels. Missing the festering core at street level, this must be stopped and remedial action is taken immediately.

It was stated, “If it is not controversial to say we know too little about societal security, why have we not made more progress in this area?”

Politicians are not given the freedom to take sound decisions since the decisions must be built on a foundation of public opinion. Putting it another way: The concerns of most people are not so great that it will give rise to political pressure to focus more on a baser societal security. And we face a difficult educational task if we want to tell people there is cause for concern but that they should not be worried! It is not just about law enforcement, it is about neighbors too!

It is accurate to describe the United States of America as a high-risk country to live in, but we can make the USA a safer country if we acquire more street level knowledge and work more systematically with societal security.

All risk management activities go through two phases. First, comes the actual analysis, in which scenarios are identified and risk is expressed. In this phase, the professionals try to look into the future and say something meaningful about what could happen. It might be the intelligence service and terrorism experts who are assessing whether there will be a terrorist attack and what the ramifications of this would be.

Most analyses have a tendency to “camouflage” key uncertainty factors. Traditionally, risk analysts have often focused on probabilities and expected values, but have forgotten to include vital uncertainty factors that lie more or less hidden in the background knowledge. The analyses are based on many assumptions, but these may prove wrong. More attention must be paid to these uncertainty factors.  In fact, it is Commsmart Global Group of Companies and our analytical capabilities completely address this point.  The collection, on a street level basis of occurring information that is filtered, reviewed and analysed created, to afford the public safety departments to have at their fingertips “real time” information and importantly our Next Event Predictability Advantage

Yes, it is great to know what has occurred, but what about what is about to occur? We use a great phrase in the company, WE are In the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

It was explained, “Today many risk analysts only see “white swans”, The potential “black swans” must be included if we are to enhance the quality of the analyses. We must think in broader terms than doctors, engineers and economists often do.”

It is the ability to look at life and the streets from the dark side and empathetically use this technique to go further than ever before, CommSmart Global Group does that on a daily basis, assessing the threats and the scenarios that have emerged from the analysis with both eyes open from all angles.

How serious is the risk to society and what should be done about it? What is an acceptable level of risk?  Some claim that there are purely rational answers to these questions, but they involve value judgments that cannot be obtained just mechanically.  The task is to weigh the uncertainties, and a technical-scientific approach by itself is not enough unless you have the infrastructure and solid proven techniques. That is exactly what CommSmart Global Group offer and deliver, for our worldwide clients.

It is thinking in broader terms, we are not saying you do not had wonderful ideas, implemented changes, seeing new problems that are arising every day, far from that, you are facing an ever increasing social foe in your midst, that is in your face.  

The Good Old Days of the Beat Cop, with his limited ability to communicate, effectively track his beat and his biggest ally, his social mind and knowledge of his turf.  That street knowledge was and is power to the ‘enth degree.  Now add our technology as an overlay to his street methods of today and we have the ability to make a radical difference.  It is the passion, the deep passion we have, to use the tools developed for our military and public safety departments by our team of analyst, over 65% with law enforcement backgrounds.  It is the street level knowledge meshed with futuristic abilities, which are here today that can make this society far more secure.

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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