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Is Life Really So Much Of A Gamble? Are You Ready For Some Football, Soccer, Boxing, Golf, Horse Racing, Fantasy Leagues And Flies?

Is Life Really So Much Of A Gamble?  Are You Ready For Some Football, Soccer, Boxing, Golf, Horse Racing, Fantasy Leagues And Flies?
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Yep, betting!  The office pool, a little side bet on the horses and who are you trusting your money with to place these bets?

Look, the Internet has opened up so many avenues for gaming and I do not mean Angry Birds!  Online Betting is the fastest growing industry and we must thank the Smart Phone manufacturers for that!  What can’t you do on a mobile phone?  No, you can you can do that too!  Yes, even sexting!

Maybe a few years ago, there were still a few techy skeptics claiming that mobile devices like tablets and smart mobile phones were little more than a passing fad. Those people have certainly been proven total wrong now. It’s 2013, and it’s hard to deny the truth that’s staring us in the face: mobile technologies are here to stay. They’re deeply ingrained in our society now – perhaps just as much so as the Internet itself.

Gambling has been with us as long as accountants and hookers and both or should I say all make money.  Some though are a little seedier than others and I say that and apologize to the accountants. 

There are those that will bet on anything, hence the reference to the flies.  It is a game and sports is most common action that bets are placed on.  There are winners and losers as in life and yes, so do get addicted to horses or even the NFL, they want inside the game so to speak.

In my opinion there is nothing wrong with a little wager and I bet some of you are disagreeing with this and would want nothing to do with the game of chance?  Sorry to those serious punters in using the word chance, as you know, a person who bets has a skillset second to none in picking the winners.  They tend to have selective memory loss on losing.

Yes there are downfalls as with anything in life.  The backstreet bookie is the first pitfall and has down more harm than good to sports betting.  They are akin to backstreet abortionists of the 50’ and 60’s, people knew they were there and used their services, knowing it was illegal and dangerous.

I bet you can see where I am going with this?  The world has embraced online gambling and everyone has gambled at some stage or another.  Now the masses can have their opportunity to place a modest bet on any sport from anywhere in the world through a mobile device.  The Smart Mobile Phone, Tablet and still, the desktop, is the gateway to a way of being inside the game and have some ownership for the duration of the game.

The bookie or runner, who is suspect in so many rip-offs is no longer needed and punters can place their own bets when they want and where they want.  The opportunity for online sports betting is in the palm of their hand. 
The direct link to the game, not only to place the bet but to watch live as well. The sports networks have opened up a whole world of mobility!  The Smart Mobile Phone of the Tablet brings you your game even when shopping with the wife on a Saturday afternoon.  You fancy a few bucks or pounds on your favorite team, no need to use someone else, you have the direct link and you never leave the shopping mall.  Even your winnings are paid directly to your bank account!

Competent online betting organizations are available and simplicity and security are the core concerns for the creators to enhance the ability for the punter to enjoy his or her skills, especially in casino gaming and online sports betting.

BetUCan is such an online solution and will be launched in the next few weeks.  State of the Art gaming from anywhere in the world with the confidence of security and simplicity.  Designed for the casino and sports enthusiast in mind.

Tracometry Group of Companies, as you know, has been involved in statistics and analytics, sees this form of entertainment, via Smart Mobile Phone and Tablet technology, as a major stepping stone of increasing interactive abilities for us all.

If you cannot get to the sports and be involved, BetUCan and the sports networks bring it to you.

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