Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Inhabit Yourself!

Inhabit Yourself!
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Grroup of Companies

To be a successful and professional in your business, social and personal life you have to inhabit all you do.  It is the ability live within and to score from that passion for the level of involvement, solvability and satisfaction.


To live or reside in.

To be present in.

Synonyms: dwell, live, populate.

When you inhabit a place, you live there. When actors inhabit their roles, they seem to become the characters, no longer actors reciting their lines. It is like they live the life of the character.

The verb inhabit comes from the Old French enhabiter, meaning “dwell in.” You can inhabit an actual place, like a home, a cave, or a neighborhood.

When you create your business, products and services you have to be one with them, inhabit them.  Just like a songwriter/performer working in the studio until that perfect track is created, that is inhabiting the creation from within and taking it on the road for continuing performance is then the challenge that can only happen when you inhabit final creation.

Life has become disjointed, no broken and superglue does not work for long on this type of demanded fix.  It is the belief from within that will warm the cockles of your heart and those that surround you, those you reach out to, brushing shoulders as you walk down the street or through the office.  It is does not stop there, make sure it goes everywhere with you, importantly take it home and share this phenomenon.

The change will surprise you and grow to those that surround you.  Stand firm in your beliefs in all that you do, take that passion to height that makes heads turn and say it as it is!

Some will find you an arrogant SOB in some respects, ignore them and follow that spirit that is missing in most of us.  It is really there, it may be a flickering ember that just needs a little extra wind to start that fire within, find it!

When you know you are right and someone challenges your veracity on the matter, stand your ground.  if they are argumentative, take it toe to toe, restate your known facts and walk away.  They do not deserve your expertise and you certainly do not need the likes of them near you!

There are too many charlatans in world from Presidents to slimy sales people and those potential business partners that tell you what they think you want to hear. The appeasement factor is used far to often, especially by government to the people.  Appeasement in most cases, is a pack of lies that stop people from moving forward or that is what those that are espousing are hoping.

We have all either lived our lives, still growing and changing as we go, learning along the way or we are just starting within the baby steps of life. 

Listen, watch and absorb and do not accept what you are told as gospel truth, take second opinions, challenge the statements having them explained in full. Do not believe all you read on the Internet as this is a tool of deception used by these people.  Yes, there is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly lurking around every corner and within Google search.
Listen, we all make major mistakes and break our own rules, it is the end results that are the most important.  In your business and social deals listen very careful and remember there is no tomorrow, it is always today!

So go out and Inhabit Yourself

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