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Privacy - The Hitchhikers Guide To The Viral Galaxy Or Who Is Stealing My Data And Why…

The Hitchhikers Guide To The Viral Galaxy
Or Who Is Stealing My data And Why…
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group 

All of our lives are surrounded by digital devices, you cannot miss or avoid them.  Each of us carries some form of smart device or computer every moment of the day, they have encircled us in an electronic cage and control us in ways we believe is them, not us.

I personally go back to the Middle Ages of computers, 1976, it was then we had Computer-Mart in England and were the first to bring the micro-computer to the business masses who saw the light and had the money to invest in this extremely new technology.  All software had to be written, there were no off the shelf programming or an app for that!  It was a different time and a different pace that we all walked back then.

In 1982/84 I was President, Commercial Data Banks, the first ever, what we call today as an email company.  Yes, the first and a very slow system that served Washington D.C. and the politicians.  We used Texas Instrument dumb terminals and a 300 baud telephone line.  Think where we have come today!
To think, thirty plus years ago since I was introduced to computers, programming and the manufacture of the Oriel 2000 which was our first and a great success in microcomputer creation.  No one had concerns about people wanting to do harm or steal your data or personal information.

Every single device is an access portal, an open gate for a hacker to enter and just like life, it is vulnerable because of humans and their insatiable desires for information.  Yes, you, you leave the door unlocked and allow these morons to steal your data and enter any other connection you make thereafter. 

The whole ability of access that the consumer requests and requires is causing the issues and access for the criminals to steal from us all.  Just like we leave doors ajar, water boiling in a pot on stove, take our eye off our children for a mire second or leave the keys in the car with the engine running, whilst you run inside, we are at fault and it is the human factor that is causing the meltdown in criminality on the Internet.

This can be stopped dead in its tracks and we shall guide you in the right direction and no, this is not some hair brain idea, it is a fact and working worldwide successfully.  Before we go further, let us examine the issues in the corporate and retail world.

Trusted Remedy protects your online community’s data-in-motion against Man-in-the-Middle and Phishing attacks. Based on our patented automated distribution for short-lived client certificates, your users transfer data to your servers and the Cloud from their Trusted Remedy identified trusted devices using state-of-the-art daily changing encryption keys. All without significant administrative overhead for your Administration.  

In fact, it is BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices), yes the majority of devices will work with Trusted Remedy.

Man-in-the-Middle intrusions, and highly sensitive data transmission requirements:

Trusted Remedy is designed from the ground up to protect against Man-in-the-Middle intrusions without becoming a tough nut to crack in regard to client usage or management.   We have made it easy for top management down to understand the precise operation without having to have a degree in computer science or the IT department to explain in their technical terms.

Man-in-the-Middle is considered one of or even the toughest intrusions to defend against. It is frequently used by technologically advanced malicious parties such as black-hat hackers and rogue states to obtain digitally transmitted sensitive information. As in the retail intrusions just experienced by millions of US shoppers.

With Trusted Remedy creating client certificates on its own, or your existing Certificate Authority, you can be certain no third party can potentially fake your certificate authority.

Trusted Remedy uses an innovative secure communication channel over any untrusted Internet connection, over which it provides your user with a short lived client side certificate in a fully automated secure manner. The corresponding key-pair strength ranges from 2048 up to 4096 bit RSA encryption and changes with each renewed certificate.

With the client certificate being totally transparent to the end-user, a secure Man-in-the-Middle intrusion proof connection can be established using standard server configurations.

Using Trusted Remedy you can be certain that your sensitive data is being sent in the most secure possible manner between the client and server and vice versa. No matter if the data relates to privacy sensitive information such as medical, financial, corporate secrets, intellectual property, and criminal proceedings.

Phishing intrusions, and Multi-Factor Authentication issues

Trusted Remedy is capable of using any form of authentication as embraced by the company, your company using Trusted Remedy, and leveraging that authentication with trusted client device recognition. You can even choose to simply identify a device based on its name and hardware characteristics allowing trusted devices to connect to your network or cloud environment.

As a result, your users can only authenticate from devices set as 'trusted' based on their hardware characteristics. Trusted Remedy can be used with at least 17 different hardware identifiers, making each device truly unique. KeyTalk allows for up to 10 different 'trusted' devices per user, per authentication source and allows for unlimited authentication sources to be connected.

Phishing is, of course, social engineering and very hard to protect against. Authentication details obtained through Phishing can be protected against abuse by malicious third parties using Trusted Remedy's optional Multi-Factor Authentication layer based on our trusted client device identification.

Are interoperability and federated access a pain?

Do you need multiple geographically located departments to securely access the same information resources? Would you require multiple companies or agencies to securely share sensitive information?

Simply setup Trusted Remedy to securely connect to an authentication source trusted by the target department, company or agency you wish to collaborate with. Next, have Trusted Remedy issue them with a short-lived client certificate for highly secure access purposes to target a network or cloud source.

Authorization rights can be set on most servers and server-applications based on the credentials in the 'issued' client certificate. Trusted Remedy allows you to seamlessly map certificate fields to a database field or LDAP/AD attribute, making the addition of authorization rules very easy.

Is network integration hard?

Companies who are dealing with mergers and acquisitions know this pain. After the deal is done, you end up with 2 or more network environments using different, frequently incompatible network components and different authentication mechanisms. IT & Operations generally end up with a big configuration puzzle to solve which usually takes months while the business waits to be able to access the resources in both network environments which can negatively impacting the state of 'business as usual'.

Trusted Remedy provides end-users seamlessly with X.509v3 client certificates. This is the standard since 1988 and understood by all network components.

Configure Trusted Remedy to connect as the central hub between different authentication sources of the networks. Your users will continue to use their known authentication solution (optionally leveraged with our trusted hardware recognition) and based on the obtained client certificate granting them access to the different network environments.

Some of our testimonial customers managed to reduce network integration times after mergers and acquisitions from 6-9 months to less than a week.

My existing PKI is a pain to manage!

Companies who choose a Public Key Infrastructure usually do so for security reasons.

A full blown PKI is simply a bridge too far for some companies. The level of security is still required.

Trusted Remedy fills this gap between full blown PKI and regular multi-factor authentication by providing short lived certificates. Its similar technology compared to PKI, but without the huge overhead created by user certificate issuance, management and revocation lists.

Trusted Remedy's certificates are obtained based on any form of authentication without the user even needing to know that they use client certificates.

As a result there is no administration needed to keep track of revocation lists. With Trusted Remedy being automated, working with your existing authentication solution such as LDAP/AD or RADIUS based tokens, there is no requirement for management on Trusted Remedy since it doesn't create new data other than log files.

My payment wall is being circumvented and account sharing is getting out of hand

Businesses who use payment walls all know this problem: The vendor's offer of their valuable content behind the payment wall gets maliciously accessed through users simply sharing their paid accounts with others.

Most of these businesses put up some defenses by including browser-based device recognition or a simple MAC or IP address based pinning. These are unfortunately all relatively easy to circumvent.

Trusted Remedy allows for the binding of up to 10 unique devices based on many more hardware characteristics with the user account. As such, sharing becomes nearly impossible. This allows for the payment wall to become optimally effective and resulting in more revenue.

This should give some insight on why Trusted Remedy is your only solution in this unsociable world.  

CEO’s, Presidents, Chairman, protect what you have built, you and your customers deserve Trusted Remedy!  

If not... it will cost you more than you know...

WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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