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KEYTALK, For A Far More Tight, Secure, Cost Effective & Management Hassle Free Data In Motion Environment

KEYTALK, For A Far More Tight, Secure, Cost Effective & Management Hassle Free Data In Motion Environment
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

To those that have the opportunity to work with data and computer security on a daily basis, we have empathy for the nightmare of the job.  With today’s growing hackers, phishers and man in the middle attacks, you never know what you are walking into each and every day that will consume any forward thinking prevention services.

Your daily workload is is reactive, time consuming and like fighting a battle that you walk in blinded by the information.

The Proactive approach is positive, less expensive and enjoyable to work with. 

The attacks on data by these terrorists is always to inflict pressure on the IT department and corporation. Stealing information both commercial and individual and either selling it to the highest bidder, blackmailing and making illegal profit from the criminal act.  

Using stolen credit/debit card information which if you are a retail operation is not only an internal nightmare, but a customer service disaster for your customers who are suffering.  Then, the media make your life a misery.

You are not just the guys in the backroom! The folks who are only called when there is a problem, like someone needs a new monitor or their PKI Certificate is out of date.  Then the rest of the world sees you out in the wide, wide world of retail, commerce, industry and that ever present picture of the guy with the pocket protector.

I know I have simplified the picture of the IT guy and the department, but that is what we do!

KEYTALK is a Public-Key Infrastructure that takes computer usage to a level of security only previously dreamed of, without the hassle, misunderstanding and complex, time consuming managerial criteria’s, without compromise.  

KEYTALK states that we have increased security with our patented proprietary software and passionately protection from the corporate data to the very personal and individual data of your customers.  

To say we dislike hackers and phishers is an underestimation!

KEYTALK is not some new spur of the moment company, we have been in Europe for over twenty years protecting banking, commerce, the shopping public and against industrial espionage.  You have the knowledge that we are solid in solutions and come to the USA geared, ready to protect you now!

If you care for the stability of your company and data, then view these videos.

There are two video overviews below, the first is a KEYTALK overview and costing, the second, a more technical overview of the solution as we know your IT department will have questions.

Then, contact us and discuss how we will make everyone's life more easy and secure.

KEYTALK Technical Overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLSRd2ui4Fs

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