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Glass Passwords… Cause Shattered Dreams!

Glass Passwords… Cause Shattered dreams!
By Nicholas Ashton,  CEO/CIO, Commsmart Global Group

Sadly it seems you cannot see the wood for the trees when it comes to information security. 

Change is required and demanded!  It is A Frugal Corporate Innovative World...

Remove the word "password" from your vocabulary.  Just like glass, if it was invented today, we would never use it, as it is far too dangerous and causes more problems than you wish to think about.

Glass, once broken, is like a hacked/broken password, dangerous and the glass shards cause irreparable harm, damage, and heartache.  The pieces of a password once broken are then used by the hacker, sold to others and brings disruption to the owner’s life.

Now let's open our minds and look at what we once used passwords on and for.  Access, to the most private items in our lives, personal data, our fortune we keep in a bank account, email openings and access to our accounts and corporation identity.  All that you keep private.

A password is an access to the system you are signing on to.  Your system does not even know if it is you or not!  It could be your mother, girlfriend or the wife.  Heaven help you if it is your boss at work!  So what is the only thing a password is doing?  Opening the door to a treasure cave and all that is you and your company!

TRUSTED REMEDY does something that is so simple and easy you have been missing for over twenty years.  What is it?  Let me tell you…

When you log-in from any computer device, Desktop PC/Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Mobile Phone, Automobile or even the Air-conditioning or Refrigerator you have to identify yourself with a password.  TRUSTED REMEDY does not rely on that method, it makes that device your Access code, token, old fashion password if you like, your computer identity DNA.  It is only for you and it is trained to know it is you.

TRUSTED REMEDY is a 99.9999% secure connection end to end.  Your device is pre-approved for the connection through corporate servers and both parties, each end, know each other.  This a like a solid bullet and bomb-proof tube that your data travels through and delivers the needed data.  It is certified and approved! 

Once it has communicated, that certificate or approval is withdrawn, gone in a blip and never to be seen in its travel again.  It now resides with the receiver, securely on the servers or with the person it was intended for.  The Hacker, Phisher or Man in the Middle Brutal Attacker cannot access the data.

Phew, now I have got that out of the way I have to mention, it is such a corporately available investment.  Retail, it is just the price of an inexpensive latte per device, per month or less depending on volume. 

TRUSTED REMEDY works literally on any smart mobile phone, laptop or tablet, so you can Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and be 100% secure!  No additional purchase of hardware required.

To send that data, message, email, even from a Public Hotspot or Hotel Wi-Fi you can do so without any concern.

Big Box Stores, secure your Point of Sale, end to end and in turn protect your customers and clients from hacked bank information.  In fact, your Vendor Network is totally secure, even if someone steals the existing password, it is useless as it will not work!

Loyalty programs, like Marriott, Hilton, and all others.  Those massive subscriber-based companies, the likes of Netflix or Red Box can protect your personal bank and personal information, that simple and that smart!

If you have technicians in the field accessing and sending data or information all will be secure, Comcast is a perfect example.  No more flimsy passwords on unsecured networks, all is secured end to end.

If you want the unbreachable end to end communications, TRUSTED REMEDY is the only option, it is that impenetrable connection that keeps all with a peace of mind!

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