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Unpopular People Are Now Documenting Their Work, Bailiffs, Process Servers & Public Safety “LIVE”

Unpopular people Are Now Documenting Their Work, Bailiffs, Process Servers & Public Safety “LIVE”
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

So you wake up every morning knowing you are one of the most hated people on the planet.  Even your family doesn’t trust you and do everything they can to disassociate from you.

It never use to be that way, Public Safety Officers (Law Enforcement), U.K. Bailiffs and Process Servers, who are a vital part of society.  When someone has wronged us, we turn to them.  In doing their daily work and completing their enforcement tasks, they are viewed as thugs and mistrusted.

Security in our lives is so important and insecurity has becomes so prevalent that it seems that those we turn to, suddenly, in the target’s eyes, becomes the worse enemy in the world.  Accusations fly, lies are like darts and it becomes a war of words.  In the courtroom, the reputation follows us all and many magistrates and judges have their personal opinion on those that serve the public and uphold the law.  It is not always good.

If you had cause to visit a Bailiff or Process Servers office, you might be have been in for a shock! 

You can enter through the front door at the High Court Enforcement Group, but that is as far as it goes. You are stopped right inside as there is yet another door, with a reinforced, bullet resistant glass window and a tough combination lock, barring the way. The only option is to press a well-used button, stating your business, and waiting nervously inside the chamber for attention.

Then bailiffs and process servers have learned to live with being very unpopular. They are normal people that chose their career and do it to the best of their ability.  In fact, they state, they look at everybody's situation whilst at the door, they always try and decipher between people who can pay and won't pay, and people who can't pay and want to pay.  And if they will not agree to any repayment plan they can come up with one.  If they gained access to the property they will be looking to secure the debt on any assets that are available.  If they are adamant they couldn't pay, at the end of the day, the bailiff or process server has a warrant signed by a judge saying they have to execute the warrant.

If the bailiff/process server did not carry out the orders, they would be technically in contempt of court if they did not do so.

When confronted by law enforcement, a bailiff or process server, people become chameleons and indignant that they are questioned or challenged.  Their actions turn to violence exceedingly quickly.  This is why the meeting or confrontation must be documented for the protection of both parties.

Action In Motion (AIM) is a simple and concise tool in the Public Safety toolbox.  It is not additional item to be added to the ever growing list items carried by officers.  It is their Smart Mobile Phone or Tablet, yes the answer is right in the palm of their hand.

When these events take place, they are able to capture the full event, audio/video/images and directly transmit to a central HQ and be observed in the actions.  This is also recorded on the company’s servers with date/time/originator/GPS embedded in the file, on the screen for use, if need be, in court. 

This is a direct feed and the officer has no fingers in downloading or touching the file, it has full chain of custody and untouched by the originator.

It is also a fully secured transmission as it uses KEYTALK a patented, proprietary software solution for the connection, end to end for this data in motion.  It is a secured bullet resistant tube that is anonymous to all.  That means no one sees it, including hackers and phishers.  This can also be used in a Hotspot environment totally securely.

Action In Motion (AIM) is a patented and a proprietary solution with a myriad of uses in vertical markets. Simple to use and for usage as a surveillance situation is even more unique.  Bailiffs/process servers who need to observe and collect information, there is nothing better than images/video/audio.  A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in a courtroom!

For Law Enforcement, they now have an endless multiple amount of mobile CCTV devices at their fingertips.  Sporting event, rally or protest march, they can be on the spot transmitting to central HQ and to other officers exactly what is going on.  This is the most proactive security tool to be introduced to the security industry.  All secure in the record keeping for presentation to a court.

It does not stop there, Risk Management, Assessors and Insurance Adjusters now have a tool to document all and have it in their office, filed and secure at the same time they are seeing it.  A valuable tool for all.

Public Safety, Bailiffs and Process Servers is still a paper heavy business as our courts have insisted on copies being left with all parties. It will never be totally paperless, but, we do have the ability to create your repetitive forms to be able to filled in a on a tablet or smart mobile phone. Having understood the digital requirements with the pen and paper, we have now moved to the smart mobile phone and tablet.  This enhances the daily workload, proactively and productively. Our solution regarding form filling will be introduced in thirty days.

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