Thursday, July 2, 2015

What Part Are You Missing?

What part Are You Missing?
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies.

How much do you care about you, the company you represent and how we have all become tied up in technology? 

Is it that the gadgets are getting in the way? 

Have you surrendered your inner most secrets by allowing so many to know so much about you?   

Then, we have the data regarding your company.  Who has the keys to the locks and are they in the form of passwords?  I do not care if you believe you are not being threatened, you are!  The IF/WHEN fact is prominent and needs addressing now!

You have sold  yourself out and your whole inner information is by being bamboozled by the screens, and keyboards.  All computers, including your new tablets and smart mobile phones and so called social media/personal entertainment is like leaving the stable door open. 

When a local Sheriff stated that they had now got into social media and were following it careful, I told him, “You cannot thumb your way out of what is going on in the streets!”  It takes understanding of what makes up the connections between us humans and technology. 

Once upon a time law enforcement could solve a crime, especially burglary, by hanging out at the local pub.  Booze and bragging go hand in hand and many crime was solved over a pint of good ale.

Social media opens up your database on your Desktop PC, Mac, Tablet and Smart Mobile Phone to people who cleverer than you, the Hackers, Phishers, Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers. 

Passwords are not secure!  

Locks are for honest people and today, in the data information world, they are hard to find, honest people that is.  Everyone has a price!  The day of a file room, with rows and rows of filing cabinets that you feel, touch and knew that the information was truly safe are gone!

Information is Zeroes and Ones, 00011001010, those things.  The IT Department has the keys to your security and the department is under attack every single moment of the day, which makes them a reactive nightmare. 

Thieves are tapping away on keyboards in front monitors in every far flung corner of the world with one objective, you have something they want and will get to it anyway they can, using your weakest link, the password or token

Human beings predictability, they cannot keep their password secure and hackers rely on that fact!

TRUSTED REMEDY changes all of that!  We have created a means to keep out the cyber terrorists and have been using this method for over twenty years in Europe, successfully I might add.  It is now available worldwide to protect your information.

No more passwords as the main method for signing on.  TRUSTED REMEDY uses the DNA of your Desktop PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Mobile Phone using our patented, proprietary solution. TRUSTED REMEDY creates a secure end to end connection, a bullet resistant tube that is connected for the duration of the transfer and then, Gone!

Anyone can use a password, but is it you that is tapping the keys and signing in?

Corporate data and linking to the company servers goes on every second of the day and even in a Hotspot environment, TRUSTED REMEDY keeps you safe, the hackers and Hotspot do not know you are even there.

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