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Productivity Begets Proficiency

Productivity Begets Proficiency
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO CommSmart Global Group of Companies.

No matter what, getting it right the first time is what we should all strive for.  Failure in completing a task, a job or a contract costs you real money and lowers profitability.  Then why do we not take time to secure the life blood of our world today, our electronics?

The desktop PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, smart mobile phone are all holding electronically, all our lives information and we ignore what we are told to do, regarding protecting the data. It is not just about family pictures!

Organizing your socks or knickers draw is important, but leaving your information vulnerable to hackers, phishers, and man in the middle brutal attackers is nonsensical! 

Is it not?

Clean your act up!  Formulate, plan and enact a system to streamline your information and get security on electronic devices.  Look after what you own, guard it and protect now!  

You will be the first to screaming and shouting when some moron steals and uses your information.  The why me syndrome is simple to answer.  

You did not listen!

Looking after what you have in life is important and I go back to my youth, an incident where I had my pencil taken by another student.  When asked by Mr. Herod, my English teacher, why I was not taking notes, I explained, he tore into me and stated that you must look after all that you have and protect everything.  It was a pencil for crying out loud! 

He issued me to write one thousand lines about looking after property.  Oh those were the days!  

I cannot ask you to do that and when you are hacked, do not come crying to me or anyone else, it is all about YOU!

Believe it or not, the base line of change in how you file, protect and view your information will change your life.  It is about connectivity and being able to do one’s work in an efficient manner.  

Wasted time is wasted money!

We are now in a world of invisible connections, electronic connections and more than ever, we are lost when we disconnected!  Many seem to think that we must be thumbing all day long, texting that is.  Communication in the workplace, which includes offices on wheels is imperative and necessary.

Work on the go means getting the information back to the office, no matter where it is.  Securely of course, as today, others want what we have and will go to great lengths to steal it. 

So start thinking about what you do in a day and how it can be improved.

We do!

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