Monday, July 20, 2015

Hackers Love You - You Are The Weakest Link!

You Are The Weakest Link!
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO CommSmart Global Group of Companies

Life is not a game show! How most are running their lives is simple, they want to have the highest score by the end of the day. It is not the points you amass, furniture or television sets you win, it is about making it through the day, without upsetting your boss, manager or supervisor that seems to count. How times have changed!

The distractions of life are wild enough and just making to another day is a miracle. Values, responsibility and ownership have changed and not for the better. In most cases, they do not exist or even in people’s vocabulary. The pattern of life has altered and not for the better. It is not a social world anymore, the daily rigmarole is a dramatic unsocial tornado that is as wide as the eye can see. What is left behind is not a pretty sight.

Crimes has changed, the statistics we view are presented to us and are far from true or paint the real picture of neighborhoods, business trends or what a government can or want to control. No one is going to help you, if they say they will and they are from government, they are fibbing to you. They are as messed up as you are!

Look what we doing, we are believing what people thumb to us in 140 characters or sadistic bastards that hide behind an email or a blog that creates hatred and lies, attacking others and waiting for them to react, vent, showing that they got to you. Co-workers who get their jollies by putting people down verbally, spreading rumors and lies. This is life today…

The computer has in most cases today, become a liability, an uncontrollable item in our lives. It is also the super highway into our inner lives, business information and a means to make an illegal buck. Once upon a time criminals had to work hard to get to us, steal what we have and mess up our lives.

Not anymore! We leave the door wide open for them to just stroll in and take whatever they want. What has happened to us all? Wait, do we even care? I believe there are some that still do. It is not too late to make change and I do not mean giving someone a quarter, as it is costing us much more than that! It is about us, those that surround us, misleading and altering the facts to suit their arterial motives. Some are as criminal in taking a paycheck and have no intention of being true to their corporate vision or the job description. Sadly, they are in our midst!

Certain crime statistics maybe have been lowered and are single actions, cyber-crime is an action that affects multitudes and in ways that can be devastating to a family, business or even a major corporation.

Ask Ashley Madison, the Hook-up site, who have had some 35 million compromised this month, Walmart Canada, 21.5 + Government Employees and their relativesTarget, Home Depot, PF Chang's, numerous medical facilities, pension funds, universities, WordPress and JP Morgan on how business is and why they (JP Morgan) did not react to information they received ahead the theft that affected between 70-140 million customers, by the hacking of their personal banking information. 

By the way, it will have a tsunami effect for a long time to come.

These cyber terrorists can be stopped by you and your company by having secure protection in place. The attitude of “it will never happen to me” is the failure of all. 

From the Chief Executive Officer, who serves at the will of the Board, to the IT manager who has not listened and thinks they know it all because of their position. They have failed their Duty of Care, the Corporate Governance and are liable as such. 

Sadly, the only winners in litigation are the attorneys. It is like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

The Cyber side of your business is important as marketing and all involved need to be in total communication at all times!

So let’s cut the chase, answers are here, people know more than you and that part you do not like! Most think they can handle it themselves, delaying the implementation of the solution. Like most, we start on page 43 of the manual, believing we know better than the guy that wrote the manual. After all, we are humans, well some of us at least.


New technology is not as disruptive as you think! In fact, that is where we

come, our abilities to use solutions and applications that we have in our technology toolkit is available. Depending on your requirements we have the answers. Locking the front and back door to all computer data by restricting access is a priority, but not in the ways you are thinking. Firstly, we all use passwords, thinking they are secure, but who has the password and is logging-in? Your database hasn't a clue who it is! 

It does when using a TRUSTED REMEDY

We can solve that very effortlessly by making those trusted and authorized by using their Device DNA. 

Transportation is at risk and then even means your own car!  Hijacking is out of date, it is now Hacking!

This next week we will launch in North America and Europe full security with a Smart Phone that is secure, user friendly and utilizes our technologies to not just beat the hackers and corporate spies, it wastes their time in even trying to steal your important messages, emails, texts and conversations. 

Corporate Peace of Mind and Governments Too!  

Secures you for the Data Security Acts that are enforced as January 1st, 2016.  Act Now and Do Not Get caught in A Hacking Nightmare...

WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; IN THE KNOW...

Be Smart, with CommSmart Global

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