Monday, May 12, 2014

So Some Nutcase Has His Knickers In A Twist!

So Some Nutcase Has His Knickers In A Twist!
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

What a weekend, thunderstorms, tornadoes and raving nutcases!

Amazing how wars can and do get started, it is always information and misinformation, the entanglement of words and lies, intertwined with half-truths and downright fantasy and fiction that cause wars.  You see, anyone can say or write anything on the Internet and people believe it.  

Take Al Gore, the inventor of the Internet for instance.  NOT!

Personal threats do not sit well with me when I cannot reach out and defend myself physically.  In fact when the person making accusations who has pulled the cork on too many bottles of wine, there is the issue.  

To quote someone who knows him, "he is not of this world", "he has social issues", I think you get the picture!

I suppose that is the price of being an innovator who melds solutions, successful solutions regarding computer security and secure connectivity. 

Jealousy is a Bitch!
Some maniac has a large hair up his rear-end that has turned into a tree branch, thinking and believing I have stolen his ideas and run worldwide with them! There is nothing further from the truth, but will this hair brain listen? 

In fact through our research he does not even own the Patent and was part of an authorship team.  I believe he needs another cork extraction...

Something like Samsung and Apple over words and actions.  Mine is even worse but on a lower level, sadly a distraction to say the least.  It is what executives have to deal with in this anti-social world we survive in.

To threaten my life and state what you will do to me in writing, on a public business website, is more than stupid.  To try and make people believe I and my companies are a very nasty people does not sit well in the courts of the world.  

Our information from the company that really owns the Patents is enlightening as he has not been involved in the company since 2005 and has tiny, tiny shares only, to quote.  In fact, they have no issue with us whatsoever as there is no comparison in our technologies. 

Sending a Jew, quotes in Arabic and calling them wankers and little boys is nothing but childish.  Sadly, it has to be taken seriously and we are

Making the statement you will make dust of someone and place them under the carpet is silly but never the less, a threat.  Understand, I come the back streets of London and am not proponent of the Queensbury rules of fighting, when provoked, I kick, scratch, and will turn your nether regions into…  I think you get the picture!

So, back to the work at hand and away from the distraction demons…

What an exciting weekend!  How was yours?

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