Tuesday, June 3, 2014


By Nick Ashton, CEO, CommSmart Global

Positions in life are earned.  That is, if they are to mean something.  Daddy’s or Mommy’s boy or girl needs to work it, before they understand what a working life is all about.  Given something on a “Silver Platter” does not bring experience, which is sadly lacking in today’s social and business world.  

Decision making is a lived art!

Respect, responsibility and importantly, accountability are not even understood in the Board rooms of the world.  It is about expectations, percentages and predicted profitability.  In fact, they don’t even care how you get there!  Just give me the damn figures and we had better have beaten expectation!  Words heard around the world at the end of each month, prior to the termination notices going out.

Do not get me wrong, companies have to be profitable, it is how you get there which is important.

Have you notice they never fire the person who causes the issues, it always someone who is now the scapegoat.  The real culprit either gets a bonus or promotion!

It is all our social and corporate responsibility to protect those that cannot help themselves.  In this case it is the customer, client, yes the public.  It is the information of everyone that is at stake.  If your company is selling something, you have to take a payment of some sort.  Mostly by a bank card which contains very personal information regarding each customer.  When they swipe that card on your equipment, you know have a responsibility to protect that very personal information. 

Most management have no idea of the intricacies entailed in how this payment is processed and the protection that is required, no demanded, when dealing in a retail environment.  

How would you like your bank account emptied, social security number stolen, all your personal information in the hands of a low life who only wants to make a buck from the details, which are worth money, many times over in the criminal cyber miscreant world.

Computer security is absolutely the #1 priority for all!  A great statement that is being ignored over and over again. 

Noblesse Oblige is something that should be, but is not!

It is all about data in motion and end to end secure connections.  This is all at the front end of the process, which saves time, money and frustration for all.

It is not the ability after the fact to track who stole the information and how it occurred.  It is shutting the door tightly, securely and barricading ourselves from the cyber terrorist.  It is not just a corporate matter, it is for us all!

Secure connections is first step!  We all are using computers in virtually all we do.  A telephone is not just a method of communication.  Today it is a full voice and data center and all we do on those devices, what we look at, open in an email affects us all.

It is past the time to think about security, it is time to act and be accountable to all!

It is stopping Negating Your Duty of Care and Corporate Governance as your insurance company will not pay out on your failure to amend the situation.  The excuse of “I didn’t know”, is not acceptable and it will be a very personal liability to those who have chosen to ignore!

CommSmart Global has put you on notice, that help is here!

For those of you that do not understand Noblesse Oblige, we have given the derivation below:

Noblesse oblige is a French phrase literally meaning "nobility obliges". It is the concept that nobility extends beyond mere entitlements and requires the person with such status to fulfill social responsibilities, particularly in leadership roles.

The Dictionnaire de l’Académie française defines it thus:

1. Whoever claims to be noble must conduct himself nobly.

2. (Figuratively) One must act in a fashion that conforms to one's position, and with the reputation that one has earned.

The Oxford English Dictionary meanwhile says that the term "suggests noble ancestry constrains to honorable behavior; privilege entails to responsibility."

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