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If You Are Not Smart Metering, Both Your Clients and Shareholders Are Losing…

If You Are Not Smart Metering,
Both Your Clients and Shareholders Are Losing

The concept and implementation of Smart Metering is much older than you think.  It is common sense to actually to have up-to-the minute usage, concerns and failures of utilities.  We will never stop wastage completely, just look at the food industry and our own pantry habits.  We discard so much and when it comes to utilities.  Who has not left a light on, left water running or had the gas stove on too high?

In 1972, Theodore George Ted Paraskevakos, while working with Boeing in Huntsville, Alabama, developed a sensor monitoring system which used digital transmission for security, fire and medical alarm systems as well as meter reading capabilities for all utilities. This technology was a spin-off of the automatic telephone line identification system, now known as Caller ID.

At the request of the Alabama Power Company, Mr. Paraskevakos developed a load-management system along with automatic meter-reading technology. In doing so, he utilized the ability of the system to monitor the speed of the watt power meter disc and, consequently, power consumption.

In 1974, Mr. Paraskevakos was awarded a U.S. patent for this technology.  In 1977, he launched Metretek, Inc., which developed and produced the first fully automated, commercially available remote meter reading and load management system. Since this system was developed pre-Internet, Metretek utilized the IBM series 1 mini-computer. For this approach, Mr. Paraskevakos and Metretek were awarded multiple patents.

With the creation of the Internet and other cellular means of transmission of data, times have radically changed.  38 years of commercialization and we have just scratched the surface of instantaneous information gathering, sadly not totally secure.  

2014 was a year of the public to understand that personal data in the hands of big business was not secure as they first thought.  The Big Brother Syndrome was catapulted to the forefront of concern and TRUST was diluted when it came to government and corporations.

Electricity was the first priority for Smart Metering as you cannot store the power and must be always ahead of the curve for demands and issues.  This why Smart Metering was developed in the first place.  Now, all utilities are monitored and it makes sense that billing is tied into this.  It is all about efficiency, profitability and full information at your fingertips.
George Orwell has nothing to do with this whatsoever.  We are so far ahead of his informational concerns in the book, 1984.  Business is business, customers and shareholders have to be satisfied.  Reducing costs is a priority in this day and age and really, always has been.  It is how you go about it, present it and enact the principles.

The arguments against Smart Metering are futile and irrelevant to the benefits for us all.  The major issue is TRUST, so let us enhance this factor and remove doubt.  Now if we can add some benefits to the customers we would have the perfect world and we can!

Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers are out there in their thousands.  Their challenge is like a mountain, it is there and they want to prove they can climb and beat the mountain.  Exactly what Hackers are doing with corporations, wanting to beat the system and prove they are better programmers than the commercial business world.  The difference is, the reward.  Large conglomerates hold large amounts of customer information, including financial data, that is the target and of monetary value to the hacker.

So to win back the TRUST, we must secure the data.  Smart Metering is all about Data in Motion.  In fact, it is about opening and closing doors to the whole computer system.  To exactly control the access.  What is it that is always used to enter a system?  Passwords!  Human passwords that are so hackable, it is ridiculous.

CommSmart Global has the PROVEN TRUSTED REMEDY!

Firstly, this is not some new whizz-bang idea, it has been perfected, installed and secured in Europe for the last twenty years.  Developed by an Ethical Hacker to protect Data in Motion.

If you have a hacking cough, you turn to a trusted remedy to resolve the issue and that is what you have in our Trusted Remedy for entry into your extremely valuable data.

Let us explain that we can make any device that you want to allow access of information from to be transmitted to your in-house servers, programs and files. 

Passwords are human, obsolete and have been forgotten, lost, stolen and shared so many times it is ridiculous to think that it affords any level of security.  In the last twelve months since the retailer Target was hacked and millions of accounts compromised, nothing has changed, it is still happening, PF Changs, Michaels, Home Depot and now, Staples.  Those that have been brought out in the open and we must not forget the banking world and J.P. Morgan Chase and its cyber terrorism issues.

The likes of our Trusted Remedy, is a paramount move and is the base solution.  It is simplistic, secure and through utilization of dedicated servers within your corporations infrastructure, we can protect all data in motion

Building a Secure Gate Keeper that is second to none, on the front end is the key!

Erecting a solid brick wall ensures that a barrier is in place and a secure conduit for all data transmission is the solution.  Making it simple to install and transparent in usage is a further key to success.  This proven original Trusted Remedy technology has been in commercial use for over ten years and took a further ten years to be developed, proven and has been successful for our clients.

This after all is a digital world and our individual privacy and trust has never been at such a low point.  Major Brands are being hacked, attacked and phished, their corporate worlds are falling apart.  Public Panic is an understatement! 

IT departments have not been afforded the tools or budget to install preventive measures.  All efforts are reactive which cost even more money, time, frustration and loss of trust with clients and customers.

You cannot afford for your Brand to be compromised! 

Within CommSmart Global we have the finest minds, both IT, cyber security and marketing.  This is a logical combination which embraces the opportunities for success.  We do not promise the world, we deliver, we are the solution providers, no matter what the issues that face the potential client regarding both physical and cyber security.  We listen, knowing that we have a tool kit which is tried, tested and proven to be a success.  It is only after we have gleaned a down to earth insight to the clients vulnerability, that we might discuss areas that require addressing immediately.

Our one on one meetings are much more personal and instill to the potential client that behind us, is a professional worldwide team that will resolve their concerns in an expedited manner, once we have the facts, we collectively analyze all.

If it hasnt happen to you yet, it is not IF, but WHEN you will be affected!
You need a Trusted Remedy, Device DNA.  Unlike a password, which anybody can type in, Device DNA is your actual devices, they are authenticated from day one and each time you sign in, they know it is you and your trusted devices.  Add our Biometrics and it is an additional layer.

To simplify, Smart Metering is nothing more than Machine-2-Machine data conversation.  Ah, but leave the certificate door open and in comes the Hackers, who now have access to your full array of information.

TRUSTED REMEDY, here is a simple analogy, when you leave your hotel room, your room lock stays the same and opens the door the same way the next time you swipe the card in the lock.

Trusted Remedy is a lot different, as you shut the door, the key is changed on both ends and the original connection is replaced, without you doing a thing.  

The FACTS... Trusted Remedy, is a 2 factor authentication, acting as PKI in a Private Domain at nearly zero management!

Trusted Remedy, a two factor authentication, using your device as the second factor generating a break-through 2 SSL peer to peer communication channel over any untrusted (Internet) connection.

The user automatically receives a short lived device certificate using a corresponding key pair in the range from 2048 through 4096 bit encryption which changes automatically next time. The authentication is via Device DNA, made up from the device components.  Short lived access keys configurable from minutes thru hours, completely transparent to the end user and standard server configurations.

Trusted Remedy generates an intrusion proof data in motion invisible channel to protect the important data transference.

Those of you using key devices or tokens, they are gone!  Save the money, you have just increased your security dramatically.

Trusted Remedy maintains your security, for you!  You never change anything just know you are protected.  So are your corporate secrets and personal data

Installation, very simple and not a major time consuming operation.
Let us now take it one stage further, CommSmart Global has just created a new profit center for you.  You can offer the household or business protection for all devices for Data in Motion.  Up to ten (10) devices per account for a household.  Meaning, Smart Mobile Phones, Tablets, Phablets, Laptops and PC/Mac computers.  Business can be offered a slightly different plan to encompass all devices, especially if you have concerns for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) issues.

The TRUST FACTOR just got brought to the forefront!  

Oh, is it affordable?  Of course, 3 (three Euros) per installation, per month, with up to ten devices protected.  Less than a cup of good coffee.
TRUSTED REMEDY has now increased customer satisfaction and increased your revenue stream.

Privacy is more important than ever and strategic planners and security managers can improve their targeted attack discovery capabilities using security information and event management, but this requires "lean forward" technologies and processes which CommSmart Global has.

Not matter how you are moving data or giving access, Trusted Remedy and its unique, Device DNA for authentication, verification and sign-on is available on all platforms NOW!


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