Friday, March 20, 2015

There Is No Shame In Faltering In Your Business!

There Is No Shame In Faltering 
In Your Business!
Not Admitting the Issues and Failing to Seek Assistance,
That is a Different Kettle of Fish

By Nick Ashton, CEO, CommSmart Global

Please continue to strive for perfection and between you and me, there is about one person who might have really made it!  

Setting goals, targets and filling out the budgets on spread sheets is all well and good, but it is pure fantasy.  It takes experience, logic and common sense in understanding that it is not you alone that influences the outcome.

As an owner, whose idea it was to go into business in the first place, was all well and good back then.  If it was totally your seed money in the first place, you know that you believed you were in control and you hired who you thought was right at the time.  With little or no experience in this human hiring field, those that you felt good about, friends, friends of friends and on it goes.

Times have changed since those first exciting days and sales or manufacturing boomed, then…

Do you wish to revitalize the engine and the drive?  Of course you do!

This what we do, we create great sales teams!

What does it take?  Analysis of your existing situations.  Each and everyone concerned and making change.  This can only occur if you and your Board have ownership commitment and allow us to counsel you.

Oh, when looking at Talent Acquisition for sales mangers or sales persons, we use our own process, tools and specifically developed methodology for searching, finding and selecting the right candidate(s) for your proper Sales Team(s). And all of our Certified Partners, wherever they are operating, use the same, enabling us to produce consistent high quality deliverable around the globe.

We even guarantee the selections!

ASSESSMENT - No single great team of people can be created and maintained without assessing its members on their ability to deliver results in the specific environment in which they have to operate! This is particularly true for sales professionals.

COACHING - We do not have a catalog of coaching services to choose from but we discuss with our clients their specific needs and objectives and define tailor made programs which can be based on individual or team coaching activities. We can also discuss so called frame agreements or combinations of success based coaching programs.

COUNSELING - We feel in that respect, that in order to bring our Clients’ Sales Teams from being good to being great, they are much more in need for hands on operational “Tips & Tricks” which we teach based on real life case studies. These mentor programs are heavily interactive and the case studies are developed to fit our Clients’ operational environments as close as possible so that the learning can immediately be used in the field.

Come see what we can do…

Our dedicated services for you that started successfully in Europe and now here in North America.  

If you are located in Ohio, talk to us now and find out what we feel we can do for you.

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