Thursday, December 3, 2015

San Bernardino Deadly Attack Sadly is a Training Video for Both Terrorists & Law Enforcement

San Bernardino Deadly Attack Sadly is a 
Training Video for Both Terrorists & Law Enforcement
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

Having been involved in counterterrorism since 1976, especially with terroristic groups worldwide. United Kingdom, Liberia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Iraq and Afghanistan are all physical locations I have worked and been involved first hand.  Which has allowed us to have a street level understanding of the progression of terrorism, both physical and cyber.

Our team is worldwide, in all interconnected fields of both physical and cyber counterterrorism.

There is never the possibility of 100% security.  When a government states "there are no credible threats that they know of", is correct.  It is impossible to know everything, no matter how sophisticated the technology is, that they are using.

I can state we have gone beyond the norm of protection and have the ability to have real time knowledge, which is available and capable to enhance the developing situations we are facing daily.

Today, it is a combination of older solid techniques, mixed with newer and cutting edge proven solutions.  It really comes down to Atmospherics, chatter on the street, in the social media world and telephonic and data communications.  

There are not enough people in the world to track known or suspected physical and cyber terrorists.  The U.K. have 1,500 possible terrorist under their watchful eye, the U.S.A, only 48.

Listening, watching and getting into the heads of these people is not like you see in the movies.  The legwork is much deeper and takes much longer and law enforcement cannot work alone.  They need the public's assistance, hence "See Something, Say Something" program.

We are connected with law enforcement and have excellent dialogue with full logical understanding of the daily issues being faced.  

Our Fusion Center based in Europe is a 24/7 operation with the greatest minds and a work ethic, second to none.  We have a presence in the Midwest of America and have boots on the ground with effective communications.

Our expertise in cyber and physical terrorism, viewed from today's perspective, only works when you have a complete understanding of the transformation of communications and information dissemination which continues to revolve. 

The mindset of both forms of terrorism change daily as we live and breath.  The incident in San Bernardino of December 2nd, 2015 is a prime example of events that have, can and will unfold again and again.  America is the center of violent workplace attacks over one per day nationwide.  Is it that the public is blind to the issues and want to keep themselves to themselves?  The NIMBY effect which is so deadly and must change!

It does not matter if it was a domestic or international terrorism act, it happened and people died.  If proven it was a Daesh connected act as a Lone Wolf operation, then we can and will address in the strongest and direct terms.

The Internet has made a radical change to life in more ways than one. Connected is an understatement!  There are no degrees of separation whatsoever and whilst it is allowing for terrorist groups to roam the world, out of control, it will continue, escalate and whilst unchecked and change our lives once more, forever more.

CommSmart Global Group of Companies, which includes Red Tagged, the leading team of understanding and implementing security methods, both physical and cyber is making it known that they collectively are available for consultation with full solutions on all levels of communications and information protection.

Governments must allow private enterprise to work hand in hand with them. Corporations, who are the lifeblood of employment must also protect the third party data they have been entrusted with.  

Cyber crime/terrorism is more devastating globally than the bomb or the bullet.  
Nothing must stand in the way of securing us all.  Do not just be informed       

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