Wednesday, August 9, 2017

You're Asking Me To Do What?

You're Asking Me To Do What?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

The social environment of our streets has dramatically changed in an extremely negative manner!

When a call for assistance is made to 911, dispatchers answer and are now concerned if this is a genuine call or a possible trap for the responding officers. The 'Fear Factor' is understandable and justified.  

San Diego Police department suffered in this series of senseless murders. 2 officers have been shot and 1 is dead.  They never knew what they were walking into and still responded to the call and one so far paid with their life.

A traffic stop which changed and resulted in gunfire. 

There is no other job in the world that has this type of workload.  Responding to the unknown and with only the information which started with a 911 call from a member of a community who needs assistance or a simple traffic stop.

These are more than troubling times and you ask officers working the streets, who are blind to information and have to react in split seconds to whatever happens.  Can you understand the mindset of officers and why they are continually on edge?

This is not normality!  The stress factor is huge!  No wonder some are asking more questions prior to sending officers.

All information is key and that is why analytics make a radical difference. 

Knowing where the call has come from, any similar calls previously, type of call, the use of certain words within the call.  All are important and we have the ability to have that information at an officers fingertips.

Information analytics is our business and can be in place in a matter of weeks and saving lives.

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