Monday, August 15, 2016

Milwaukee Requires a Pied Piper Intervention

Milwaukee Requires a
Pied Piper Intervention
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

The next focused city by the media and social haters of law enforcement is Milwaukee, the saga continues...

This is not a law enforcement agency issue, it is a societal breakdown of intelligence, not even worth the label of racism.  It is was labeled racism or 'bad' cop syndrome, it is a lie and an excuse!

Criminality must be dealt with under the provisions of the laws on the books. From reports the start of this problem was an armed criminal being stopped by police and non-compliance.

Even the individual's father stated that he, the father, had not been a good role model and this is what you see is the result of his, the father's failure in that regard, as reported by Fox News.
It is a family issue, especially in black disjointed families who have no real father figure for decades and we have done nothing to stem the problems.

Anger and jumping to conclusions by an unintelligence section of society is a driving issue of all the violence against police agencies and their own community.  

It shows we have a section of people who, no matter what will resort to violence, destruction, and mayhem.  If you look at these individuals you will find that they too have legal issues, either prior arrests, outstanding warrants and an anger management issue that is beyond belief.  Basically, demonic low life's who scoff the law and want to do harm to law enforcement officers and their community.

Police officers will tell that summertime and the heat exacerbate incidents and the downing of additional alcohol only increase the possibilities for violence, even within families and so called friends.

This is not the time for local politicians to speak, it is a time for local community leadership and law enforcement agencies together to deaccelerate the problems. 

First though it is knowing intimately the beats and streets, inch by inch, person by person and every single incident and the connections.  That happens when the daily reports, data, and experience when collectively reviewed bring you the full picture.

Here is a typical Twitter user who happens to be in Baltimore and their Twitter profile, tell me that is not a concern to law enforcement?

Social media monitoring through us plays a major role.  We can delve below the surface and know it all, the connections, GPS locations and thoughts of the criminals as they use this social and anti-social medium and share with their contacts

That is why we believe in the Pied Piper Project, (P3).  As non-geeky analysts with full crime mapping, analytics, predictive analytics, and importantly, social media monitoring, we can rid ourselves and your community of the rats

How can we, CommSmart Global Group make such a statement?  Simple, it is true and already working in major agencies and has, even more, advantages for all communities.  crossing beats, streets, cities, counties and states.  Collective means to know all that goes on with every incident that is logged.

It is all about information, relevant information at your fingertips to deal directly with the issues, safely.  That why CommSmart Global Group is reforming police agencies right at the heart of the matter, information and the briefing sessions.  

Each officer know has his or her own Dashboard of their beat or ward, which at the beginning of each of their shifts, they can review all and we mean all logged data on their beat or ward and across borders and regionally.  All on their Smartphone or laptop computer.

The Briefing officer has all the information for the meeting and will highlight those that require undivided attention.  This is a much more professional approach with more officer relevance than ever. 

No, it is not expensive, not even the price of a cup of coffee a week per sworn officer!  This information source does mean a 'hill of beans' with proven results for the agency and the community they serve.

I know you want to know more so contact us either by phone or email for a discussion and demonstration. 

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