Thursday, September 29, 2016

Festering Hatred Within, When Unleashed is Lethal!

Festering Hatred Within,
When Unleashed is Lethal!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Yes, people do wrong, no matter who, what or where you are, wrong decisions are made in the millions.  Some are so stupid we ignore them.  Mistakes are either unavoidable and simple or they are far reaching to some.

History proves this over and over.  

Slavery, it was a business advantage that the New World took advantage of. Was it wrong to use humans as pawns?  Of course, it continues today in the form of Global Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation of Children, underpaid workers in 3rd World countries, daily people are disgustingly taking advantage of others and it is all happening right in front of our eyes. 

The terrorist or lone wolf actor holds grudges and hatred and has done so for decades.  Then, unleashes their wrath and increases the Fear Factor within society.  

Those that are radicalized are filled with others insanity and are the instrument of the continuation of terroristic actions are among us and their prior actions, statements, changes in personality are obvious, even you think it is just nothing. 

Nothing happens without someone else knowing, whispering or openly discussing the situations.  The public, Yes YOU know so much and say so little. 

Who though are first to complain when crimes like these are caught and become headlines.


We cannot be held responsible for the actions of our deceased forefathers, we must be responsible for the action of those living who are friends, acquaintances or business colleagues.  Or it could be what we hear as we pass by someone or in the next booth in the eatery conversing.

Remember, the People Are The Police and The Police Are The People.

Collectively we need and demand your help when you see something, say something. Be proactive in the information gathering that is so necessary today.

Behind the scenes, we do a lot more but require your input.

Atmospherics, CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner has developed and proven since 2004, the key to gleaning information on those that scoff and break the law.  

Yes, Criminals, Terrorists, Gangbangers, Killers, Rapists, Pedophiles, Drug and Human Traffickers, the list goes on and we have the ability to watch your actions and be proactive in the cessation of your illegal subversiveness.

It is a far different world of Social Media Monitoring, Crime Analytics, Community Crime Mapping, and importantly Predictive Analysis.  

Law enforcement still follows the Policeman's Bible, the Nine Peelian Principles with added technology that has been proven strong, effective and makes it safer for our communities.

It is up to global law enforcement to understand that commercial enterprise has already achieved what you are attempting to achieve in Digital Policing, Atmospherics, which is the key!

To the future!

Oh, take a look at CommSmart Global Group's  AUCOS, which links experienced retired officers and formidable technology to solve the crime!

This will change the street smart information of a community and enhance officer, public safety, and our corporations.

Yes, this is a Change, a change that is for the betterment of all.


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