Monday, October 17, 2016


Life, Communities, People, Policing
& the Future Have All Changed
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

It is not so much that we have drifted apart, it is as if a megaton bomb blew the crap out of us.  Yes, that explosive with broken distorted misshaped blood stained pieces everywhere.

When and why did it start and is it possible to turn this around?

The charred remains of global society is not a puzzle you can easily put back together, the front cover of the so-called book with a photograph of what society should be like, is gone, disappeared and no matter how sophisticated we are technology wise, we are Fucked!  

There is no other way to state it unless you want that 'real' locker room talk, we all know exists and been part of!

It is not a time for so-called niceties or political correctness, not with the landscape of humanity looking the way it is.

Humans hate each other, racism is so front and center that it smells and we all know it.  Black, White, Chinese, Italian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist and even within your own family and friends as they, are the disjointed society we live and survive in.

As law enforcement gathers in San Diego for the International Chief of Police Association Conference, (IACP), patting each other on the back and comparing military tactics, companies showing their wares to take down the festering communities, departments buying more shiny badges, guns, nightsticks, and handcuffs, smiling whilst you trade stories of police against the people. 

You have forgotten one simple thing.

"The Public Are The Police and The Police Are The Public"

Those that have to have this explained from the top down, do not deserve to be in a leadership role.  It was not and never has been a "THEM & US" role.  

You yourselves are the public, you live in communities, shop locally, send your children or grandchildren to local schools, drink and eat in the same venues and glean your entertainment locally.  

It is all about the US, YOU and NOT THEM!


Today, Body Worn Cameras have been issued to some 22,000 police officers in the U.K., sounds great and it is.  Understanding the principle of evidentiary capture and usage is another aspect of the changing world of policing.

Let us review with the last in principle.  What changed last that we can grasp at? 

Society's means of communicating radically changed in the 80's with the method of communicating through Mobile Phone, no more using a pager and finding a telephone box.  Right in the palm of your hand was the communications tool that Gene Roddenberry showed us in StarTrek. 

Little did we know how it was changing crime, people, and the outcome of society today.

Today, we have social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, What's App and whatever other strange communication was born overnight in the Internet of Things.

If you want to know what is going on, you have to be able to delve down deeply into people's habits, which by the way have not changed, just been ignored ignorantly.  

Sir Robert Peel is a relevant today as he was in 1829!

Peel was ahead of his time thank goodness, he visualized the outcome of the streets if we did nothing to stem crime and how it was the public's needs that were required to stop the diabolic issues.

Hence, the Nine Peelian Principles were born when he was Home Secretary of the U.K. in 1829.

We do not need to plead the 5th to protect ourselves, we need to invoke what has worked with a little added proven technology!

You cannot start from scratch, or attempt to re-invent the wheel, the government must look and engage commercial enterprise which has already been twenty years plus into the digital analytic world of proactive policing.

Yes, Digital Policing...

From the days of Sir Robert Peel, some 187 years ago Peel used then modern capabilities of awareness, with the tall hat, the whistle to communicate and his street-level knowledge of the increasing criminal elements on the streets of London. 

Peel did not make the hat or engineer the whistle, he used what was available and proven at the time.  Of course, Peel’s people oversaw the availability and standard of the purchases and what and why they were the choice, he did not in any way re-invent the wheel so to speak. 

Peel used commercial enterprise to achieve his goal, security of the public and control the out of control situations of the moment.

There is no argument that we must improve and improve now!  Criminals have so much more in their technology savvy felonious toolbox.  It is not just picking up information by physically sitting in a smoke-filled pub, downing a Budweiser and listening to the criminals bragging about their criminal deeds. 

Today, it is about technology, the social or unsocial media, running their fingers and thumbs instead of their mouths. 

This is the Atmospherics of our world, yes CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner, has decades of collecting and analyzing both public and law enforcement data that is amassed in its billions of records daily. 

Crime is not restricted to a four-block area of streets, it is national and global, we have developed with our qualified teams of ex-Metropolitan Police officers, ranging from Chief Superintendents, Chief Inspectors, Commanders, Flying Squad, Counter Terrorism, Beat/Ward Officers and incredible data analysts.  They have worked hand in hand in developing methods of collection and drill down analytics with successes, second to none on a daily basis.
  • Social Media Monitoring of individuals that comply with all legal ramifications of those individual users (countries)
  • Crime Analytics, knowing the beat/ward historically and what to be cognizant about and the attributes
  •  Community Crime Mapping, both public and internal
  • Predictive Analysis, having analysts who use our techniques to be ahead of the curve with proactive policing
  • Beat/Ward officers having the ability to use Smartphones/Laptop and Desktop computers to see so much more in a productive time frame.
  • Multi-Jurisdiction analytics.  Agencies are now working in silos and criminals are using this to exploit more criminal opportunities.  There is no need any longer to work singularly trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  We have the solutions to allow all agencies to work together efficiently and cooperatively.
  • Above all, Change Agency
If it sounds like we are being braggadocios about our capabilities, we are not
We only bring you the facts that we wish to work side by side with solution tools and mindset of major proportions.  It is the CommSmart Global Group which is an American company which is made up of mostly Brits and ex-cops, working within law enforcement proactive techniques, analytics, cyber security, and coaching/mentoring since 1992. 

Then there is LexisNexis, owned by another British company, RELX Group. It is a multinational information and analytics company based in London, in the United Kingdom. It operates in four market segments: scientific, technical and medical; risk and business analytics and legal.

LexisNexis Group is a corporation providing computer-assisted legal research as well as business research and risk management services. During the 1970’s, LexisNexis pioneered the electronic accessibility of legal and journalistic documents.

We are a commercial enterprise who collectively have invested in data collection from the streets to the war zones of the world to protect us all.  Whether it be the community, as the ‘police are the public and the public are the police’, or the war in Afghanistan, with the ability to predict the location of roadside IEDs for the US Department of Defense, saving hundreds, if not thousands of lives.

We are here now!  Working with knowledge of British Policing and data manipulation for a proactive result.

I believe we should be meeting with you all.  It is with senior management and departments who have been charged to create a solution.  Which by the way is already here and will assist in the demands of the community and government. 

We are all on the same page and need to be in the same room for a down-to-earth conversation on the capabilities of Digital Policing now and in the future.

It is not about who or what we are, it is about solving a dire situation and it is no good asking where policing will be in 2025, if you do not listen, review and understand what is already here in the Atmosphere!

It is All About CHANGE

A meeting, please…

It takes Social Media Monitoring, Public Data, Crime Analytics, Community Crime Mapping, Predictive Analysis and a strong listening ear.  It is not about marketing services, it is about the passion we have for making our social world more acceptable, safer and this we commit to you.


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