Thursday, December 22, 2016

Credible Terrorist Threats? Meaning We Have No Idea!

Credible Terrorist Threats?
Meaning, We Have No Flippin' Idea!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO. CommSmart Global group - Virtual Crime Center

I am not enjoying writing this at all, but facts are facts and someone with testicular fortitude has to do it!

78% of all terrorist attacks lately have been Lone Wolf generated events with 

NO Prior Distinctive Knowledge whatsoever.

Hearsay, magazine notes and lackluster chatter last one day and one day only, then the public moves on. It is vital we charge the public to assist in every possible way they can.

Law enforcement and alphabet soup agencies globally are doing the best they can with tools that are outdated, underused and operators have not been trained and when they ask for more up-to-date abilities are told, "make do", we don't have the funds.

Yes, you do!  You can't afford the cost on the backend after the tragedy that may have been stopped or disrupted!

Not wishing to blow our own horn, but we did not develop "Atmospherics", the ability to understand, collect and act upon street level chatter for naught!

Our success from the inception of Atmospherics in Iraq proved my point and when we introduced, people laughed, tried to ignore and then, when we showed the positive results, clambered for our solution and to ride on our coattails.

Today those that scoffed at the information collected, which in turn we used in a historical fashion for the basis our Predictive Analytics need to listen up!

It is not about segregating Black or White, Catholic, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or any other religion, including Jedi!

It is about stopping crime, terror attacks, killings of innocent people and solving the outstanding crimes that surround us in this anti-social world.

Ask the U.S. Department of Defence whether we saved hundreds of lives in Afghanistan from the location of IEDs, their answer is a categorical YES!

The algorithmic capabilities of our Virtual Crime Crime, would not be as effective if we had not honed our skills in the ongoing terrorism war.

It also about Social Media Monitoring at a compliant level of professional policing.  Enabling the tracking of Child Sexual Abusers, Human Trafficking Lowlifes, Drug peddlers and users and all through these excuses for humanities, fingers, and thumbs.

So don't tell me there are No Credible Threats, We Know So Different and are here to assist.  We cannot succeed though without the help of the public.

See Something, Say Something is a small price for the public to pay, it will and does save lives.  This ability to serve their fellow man, woman, and child are not asked for, it is demanded!

Someone, somewhere knows something, share it, share it now, we want your input, no, we demand your input!

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner, is passionate about saving lives and catching the bad guys and girls before they do harm to our fellow man, woman or child.  

It does not matter what class, color or creed you are, We are all Human being on a planet that is going to hell in a handbasket!

The best present at this season you can give us all is to get on board NOW!

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