Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Social Media Is Driving Mauls at U.S. Malls

Social Media Is Driving Mauls at U.S. Malls
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group - Virtual Crime Center

Social or Anti-Social Media is being used to incite teens to crowd malls and cause disruption.

It is reported that brawls and food-court fights played out at more than a dozen malls across the United States in what proved to be a chaotic day after Christmas mall rush.

The mayhem was captured on social media with photographs, video and a lot of fingers and thumbs posting reasons to come to the mall and get into a fight. The chaos prevented some shoppers from grabbing clothes off clearance racks and returning gifts and the disruption was a level never seen before.

The mall incidents, which ranged from minor melees to mass evacuations, occurred from Colorado to Tennessee and Texas to New Jersey.

Law enforcement does not realize that compliant Social Media Monitoring is available and absolutely assists in catching the criminals.  What pictures and video they post, law enforcement has 'live' access to.  Geo-fencing the location allows you to glean all involved through their social media accounts.  It even allows knowing their exact location and social connections.

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