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Pleasures Up In Smoke! Commercial Community Proactive Communications! Informing, Warning & Very Direct!

Pleasures Up In Smoke!
Commercial Community Proactive Communications!
Informing, Warning & Very Direct!
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

There is a belief that you do not want to rock the boat, tittle-tattle or snitch when you see or hear and in this case, smell a serious criminal problem. 

Especially if you are the owners and managers of a well to do apartment complex. Those facts alone has not stopped this management team, directly going after the problem, basically nipping it in the bud.  No pun intended, but accepted!

Apartment living has grown exponentially since the downturn in the economy and living patterns changing.  The apartment business is booming and is a continuing revolving door of tenants moving in and moving out.

Background checks and vetting of potential tenants cannot be more pertinent than today.  Knowing who is behind the face is important when these people are now becoming ensconced within your community and you have legal responsibilities to the residents and neighborhood.  It is the old quote of letting the fox into the hen house, so to speak.

Yes, you have gathered, we talking about ‘Pot Smoking’ the gateway drug to death and social degradation. Within all leases, your apartment or castle, is not yours to do what you please with and attract inscrutable miscreants to the sanctity of society.  This includes smoking within and your exhaled remnants wafting through the shared corridors.

Here is the circulated letter to all of those residents:

The residential complex has completed it social, moral and legal obligation to not only its residents, the neighborhood, but also the police department.

Now you and I know that among the renters there will be some who slip through the cracks, this can be remedied by DIY Policing, which is a growing movement in Europe and being introduced by CommSmart Global Group in the United States.

It is about Responsibility, Trust, and Respect, not scoffing the law and disrespecting your neighbors.  Law enforcement bears the brunt of those that scoff the law and deal with them hourly and daily. 

Understand, these police officers live in the communities and neighborhoods, in fact ‘The People Are The Police, And The Police Are The People’.  Just one of the Nine Peelian Principles, which will soon be ten with technology overtones.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner, is so different to any other interceding organization for data/information that we might seem aggressive in our approach to broadcasting the message.  Our straight talking conversation manner is extremely direct and yes, in your face. 


Simple, our global experienced former law enforcement executive team has prepared it, digitally flavored it, passed it through our lower intestines, all successfully with known, achievable results.  We continue to learn ourselves so our coaching/mentoring capabilities are current with teachable moments.

If you do not believe there is a crime infested issue in the world, then you must be one of them and oblivious to the crime fighters who will catch, convict and incarcerate your sorry rear end.

It is a social and unsocial world of stories, bragging, lies, half-truths, and some in-between stuff, that is espoused each day.  Social media is key to instant information that must be ratified, checked and rechecked before it is believed.

CommSmart Global Group predominantly works side by side with global law enforcement agencies and has major corporations as clients who value our overall expertise in:
  • Crime/predictive analytics
  • Social media scrapping
  • Social media direct interactions
  • Community crime mapping
  • Cybercrime

Well done to this West Des Moines Apartment complex in showing the way it must be dealt with, continue the great community work!

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