Sunday, January 8, 2017

What's Your Problem?

What's Your Problem?
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Have you noticed how ‘pissed off’ people are?  Patience is a virtue has gone out the window!  All age groups have lost it!
Even Granma in the grocery store gets annoyed when her debit card will not work and the line is getting longer.  The cashier is trying to assist and getting louder each time she tells the aged customer to try her card again and again.

Most are now walking in the city streets or mall with their eyes and mind in their Smartphone as they text and fail to see who they keep bumping into.

You can’t go to a movie without some nut-job texting or talk in a phone call during the movie. The glow of the Smartphone screen distracting your attention from the movie, it is never ending on the diversions and disruptions that surround us hourly and daily.

Social Media is Not Social!  It is a total anti-social digression for what use to be the social norm.  Then again, what is normal anymore?

Fingers and thumbs have reached such higher levels and include the U.S. President-Elect, Donald J Trump.  It is 140 characters of power for good and evil, there seems to be nothing in-between.

Once we never left those hand-written love letters out in the open, they had their own secret place, hidden, maybe a love box placed in the corner of a closet away from prying and spying eyes.  Today there is no safe nook or cranny to hide anything, our privacy is gone and will never come back to a level we once relied on.

Angry, sadistic so-called humans use social media to conduct illicit business, bully folks and use in the most despicable ways.

Parents have no idea what their children’s fingers and thumbs are getting into or who they are harming with their vile digits.

Employers, again, are in the same position and are oblivious to the damage being dealt by individuals which harm the company by their foolish comments.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a good side as a superb communication tool if it is controlled and those that represent the company or the family understand the potential when the digits get it wrong!

Law enforcement, those that are employed to ‘protect & serve’ can use social media as an amazing two-way communication tool.  Having a Facebook presence which informs at all levels the actions within the community.  Then as a ‘call for action’, events, assistance and dire needed situations where the public help is required.

Twitter too, is an amazing digital communicator when in the right hands, we know this as we coach and mentor departments globally of this growing method of finger chat.

Then we have an even more positive means of knowing what is out there in the social media sphere.  The ability to monitor all that is being communicated via Smartphones, tablets, and computers.  Yes, the darker world of fingers and thumbs is not private but very public.

Compliant Social Media Monitoring with crime analytics is a proven successful crime fighting tool.  Why need, you ask? It is the new means of ‘bragging’, they tell us everything of their criminal plans, actions and successes. 

Through social connections we know it all, there is nowhere to hide!

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