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Personal Hacking Got To Pick A Pocket or Two… (Personal Experience)

Personal hacking
Got To Pick A Pocket or Two…
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Pickpockets or your personal hackers at the Metro Station!

Be aware when you are in the Metro station or anywhere in the world with the mass of a transportation crowd, beware!

This became personal in St. Petersburg as AJ, my business partner, was bumped and his wallet stolen by two pickpockets in the Metro. They blocked him, bumped him and removed his wallet and left his Smart Phone behind.

He did not realize it had occurred until the doors of the Metro train had closed, then, in a calm conservative manner realized he had been picked!  Got off at the next station and returned to look for the culprits, who had long gone.

In asking a security person if a wallet had been found, she stated yes, and he had his wallet!  The Euros were gone, the credit cards had been shuffled, meaning taken out and checked, but all was intact!

This was a personal hacking of the pocket kind.  

In AJ’s reaction, he retraced his steps and went back to the scene of the crime as we do when our computer servers, Laptops, Smart Mobile Phones or Tablets are compromised.  Maybe not as calmly as AJ, but we review, which all takes time.

Why did the pickpockets just take the cash?  Simple, ready money that is instantly spendable.  The cards were checked to see if they were just a magnetic stripe or a full SIM enhanced card, which they were and were left, as they were no use to them.  Europe, unlike America, has that double security and not just secured with a PIN!  Although a change has happened in the USA, but only half the security Europe and the rest of the world has.

Proving that passwords or pins are useless!  There is so much hacking software available to break the pin and password capabilities and available at these Hacking Conferences and of course, the Internet, even on Amazon.

There is no item in the world that is safe unless you take precautions.  AJ left his wallet in a normal and vulnerable place his pocket.  Since the days of old, pickpockets are still using basic deceptive means to steal.

Technology and the World Wide Web has taken personal theft to another level and it is always with a financial overtone.  Yes, your personal financial means, whether in cash or data information. 

Believe it or not, if they had stolen AJ’s Smart Mobile Phone, it would have been useless to them.  

AJ does not use a password for anything, he uses Red Tagged's Trusted Remedy, Device DNA!  Of course he does, that is the base solution of Red Tagged.
The enemy is everywhere and we must hide everything.  Allow no one to touch what is yours.  

The fight is on and we believe at Red Tagged we have the frontline proactive proven patented, proprietary solutions to protect data in motion.  Absolute making your transaction invisible to all, even in Public and Hotel Wi-Fi Hotspots.  That simple and that successful.

Red Tagged can protect every single debit or credit card transaction from the retailer to the clearing house and that is a fact!

No corporation should be without CommSmart Global Group's Red Tagged’s Trusted Remedy, End2End Encryption (E3)!

Red Tagged has the solutions and will discuss how we can assist in all facets of your information security.

Be Smart, with Red Tagged


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