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The Change Is In…

The Change Is In…
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

We are surrounded with information to the point that most of us, including government and corporate intelligence units, are on overload and bursting at the seams with data, they know not what to do with.

Many believe you can stockpile information until it is signaled that it is required to be sifted through and analyzed.  Data silos are useless and a complete waste of money, time and effort.  Information needs to be actively analyzed in real time and that is exactly what CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner does.

The reasons we commercialized Atmospheric Noise Collection & Gathering, was with military and law enforcement requirements, in knowing all the intelligence on the streets in the early days of growing communities and of course at times of war or conflict. 

This is our Frontline capability to utilize the people in the know, within the communities, cities, and nations, who, report back their street level findings.

Seriously vetted individuals who care and report it all, the good the bad and the downright ugly.

It is about understanding society, a government cannot govern unless they know what the people are discussing, wanting and demanding.  If you go on your merry way and ignore the facts of the streets, you end up, with the people rising against you.  We know the Arab Spring was more than a surprise, it was a disastrous shock, which took all unawares and looks at the results, which are continuing to reverb around the world.

Collecting the Chatter on the Streets is only the second model that we install.  First, we must make sure that management understands their Leadership role and how they will Communicate this growing real-time information in a feasible and productive manner to be effective.   

Now we can start to collect the information and analyze in real time.  It is not just the spoken word within conversations, it is the whole Social Media World, which is much more than Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others.

The ability to use our Social Media Intelligence (SMI) solution, which scrapes through the unsocial thumbing world, which includes Social Connections, Blogs and Personal Websites, sifting among the common themes and threads, on a local and worldwide basis is key to information gathering that will enable the correct and meaningful decisions, acceptable by all. It is only then you can begin to understand the massive amount of information at your fingers, enabling the correct actions.

The CommSmart Global Group Analytics then kicks into gear.  The proprietary software developed for information collection and merged with law enforcement and intelligence-gathering expertise, has enabled us to design an easy and logical flow of collection, input and importantly, output. 

This includes our Next Event Predictability solutions, enabling the use of resources in a profitable manner.  Predicting events, crime patterns, and outcomes has become our norm with our gathered and analyzed information.

Too many analysts complain over report creation overload, not in our case!  The hundreds of report capabilities are at your analyst’s fingertips and can even be customized even further.  Our ability to analyze the narrative of reports enables a further level of understanding and in many cases is the decisive application tool.  This flexibility is second to none and developed from within, we listen, observe and discuss with the ever changing street information and convert these facts to solutions.

It is our diverse team that has placed us fairly and squarely at the forefront of true real time street information collection to actionable reporting.  We are talking about automatic reporting with report formatting that takes far less time and delivers automatically into the hands of the management decision makers, which can now act with confidence on the information in their hands.  In fact, compared with all other analytic software, we are reverse in time spent in creating and delivering reports to those wanting to be in the know.  CommSmart Global Group Analytics only requires way under 15% of the analyst’s time for report generation or less.

Mentioning the team, it is comprised of personnel that brings decades of street level experience and worldwide connections.  Diverse in age, nationality, gender and experiences, which allows for our overall understanding of the world and local situations.  There is no them or us syndrome, it is an all approach that makes the difference.  We are all in, working cohesively by using all forms of communications, no matter where in the world we are located.  It is our 24/7/365 coverage that is our key to your success.

The training of street-level associates has been perfected and we pride that selection and vetting abilities have become an art form and a science.  We even market our leadership, communications, and recruitment processes.

We are very private in our work ethic and can be described as an evolution in information gathering, analyzing and dissemination.  So, for public safety crime statistics, social chatter, public opinions, and views, especially for election manifest creation and really knowing the pulse of the people, we have the key.

No government agency has our capabilities in seeking the facts in real time.  It is our down to earth approach with our listening ears, which is attached to today’s ever-changing technology with visionary intellect.

Simply, WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; IN the KNOW…

No matter where you are in the world, we have the reach and abilities to assist you.

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