Monday, January 16, 2017

The Police, Protesters & Politics

The Police, Protesters & Politics
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Commendations to law enforcement.  You listened, acted and succeeded in excellent protection of the protesters, community and your law enforcement officers.

Having the soft approach in (QRF), Quick Response Force tactics worked as it what we train departments in and for.  


It has become a 'Them & Us' situation and the in-fighting on both sides must cease!

As a company that understands the inner workings of law enforcement better than most, if not even better, we must step back and reflect on what 'bad tricks' have been passed on by the old dogs.

We are asking too much of officers on the front line of society.  They are expected to wear too many hats in split decision situations.

CommSmart Global Group has dedicated itself to bringing the tools that are required and demanded to make our communities and officers safer again.

From our original days in the 1970's:

  • Protecting people from the effects of bomb blast and flying glass 
  • Counter terrorism
  • Protest and violent demonstration global QRF training
  • Police dog tracking/detection training
  • Crime Mapping, Analytics & Predictive Analysis
  • Social Media Scraping/Monitoring
  • Corporate fraud 
  • Cybercrime
  • Cyber Archaeology/Anthropology 
  • Human Resource understanding and solutions
  • Diversity & Change
No one knows better than our team, using our empathetic know-how.

It is all revolving around information, data and skills to manipulate the vast silos of information.  To the point on data and information, it has a 'sell by date', it is only valuable when you use it in a time conscious means.  

That is what we do, we have the means to supply the connections to all information at the click of a button, right to the palm of the hand of the street officers and detectives who demand current information across agency borders and regionally.

Law enforcement management now have the crime fighting tools within their crime fighting stable.

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