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Using Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Is Burning Your Personal Data and Infecting The Corporate Servers

Using Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Is Burning Your 
Personal Data and Infecting The Corporate Servers
By Nicholas Ashton. CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Stupid is, as Stupid Does! 

This is a plain and simple message and very, to the point!

Why would you use a Public Wi-Fi Hotspot, connect, transmit and be sending it to your corporate servers without security?

How many times have you been warned?  It seems we are impersonating Leemings in all we do with our computer based devices.  Oh, I forgot, it is the human element and the Macho Resilience that makes you believe, it will never happen to you!

As you boarded the train, boat or plane to come to work, go to an exhibition or trade show, did you start using your Smart Mobile Phone, Tablet or Laptop?  Of course, you did!  You used the Wi-Fi Hotspot to save on the data charges and did not even check if you had security, did you?  A little a secret, you are not alone!

Millions never set up the security on the Wi-Fi at home or in the office and of course, you never set the security on your other devices, do you?

I know, I am not always happy with IT departments and those that work within.  Please give them a fighting chance in the cyber terrorism!  They may be behind in fixing the situations and then you add to the mire!

Ignorance is not an excuse in understanding the whole business, every nook, and cranny.  Sorry CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s and Company Secretaries, you have failed for far too long, in understanding that the computer data is the lifeblood of the company.

You have not learned the language of the IT department and there is no Rosetta Stone that will bring you up to speed.  Believe it or not, IT Managers do speak English and only speak Gookese to maintain their job security.  It has been like this since the Burrough’s Card Readers and the day you hired them.  It is passed from geek to geek and they no know other way.  That is until you confront them, shake their hand and pull them in your meetings, regarding the business of the day.  Oh, and you all speak English!

Companies are … sorry, the hired help and board are failing the company, shareholders, clients and importantly the customers.  Why, simply by ignoring the computer risks from the Hacker, Phisher, Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers.

The computer lowlifes, cyber terrorists, scum, and criminals!

All departments within a company are as important as each other.  That includes what you do not understand or comprehend.  The hires need to buy the book on IT Departments and Preventing Cybercrime for Dummies or …

RED TAGGED is the other alternative…

Passwords are crippling you, that is so old fashion that the cybercriminals are making so much money from the failure of humans.  It is about DEVICE DNA and we can assist as we have perfected it.

It is not too late to remove the issues and stop you from negating your Duty of Care/Corporate Governance and placing your company in a libelous situation, which even includes the hires…

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