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Wrong Police Image - Good Work Ruined By One Ignoramus Officer and His Supervisor’s Excuse

Wrong Police Image
Good Work Ruined By One
Ignoramus Officer and His Supervisor’s Excuse
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

The upfront work of a Police Chief in bringing attention to a heroin drug issues in his city has been tarnished by one police officer moron of a county-wide drug task force.

When you, your corporation and global law enforcement clients know you have the solutions to reduce crime, increase a professional work environment and make proactivity #1 in all agency departments, you reach out and discuss with those with major issues and expect to be listened to.

It was the discussion within, with all of our team that has led to this Blog today.  Normally, our team reads what I have written at the same time you do.  Today is different, it is after all a rolling event moving through our minds and analyzing all that occurred, that has this final blog.

After speaking with the city concerned in the heroin, they directed me to the county drug task force in Ohio, I called and received this response.

The man who answered, grunted ‘hello’, I mean grunted like a caveman.  When in shock I asked who this was he stated or grunted, ‘Bret or Brent’, nigh on unintelligible.  I started to explain that I needed to find out who I was required to speak with and assist, he responded, ‘I don’t have time’ and hung up!
This was the county drug task force a frontline agency that is wanting help from the public and should be a communication haven. 

Instead, you get an officer who does not have time!

I called back to the number, which rang and rang and went to voicemail, they have my message which was direct, straight talking and contained disgust from me of the limited interaction that took place.  The man should not be talking to anyone who calls in, or in fact, he has proved this by his grunts and limited communication skills should not even be employed in this position.

I called the Police Chief and wished to express my disgust in how my interaction with the task force had occurred.  I was put through, explain the incident and his voice and reply was one his of shock.  He apologized, which he did not have to do, it was not one of his direct officers.  I told the Chief I was not letting go of this, praised him for the handling of the heroin incident and the public posting which has become the center of global attention which needs to be built upon.
The next call I received was a Sergeant of the county drug task force.  He explained he was responding to message left on their voicemail.  I explained what had taken place.  He then raised an excuse on why the man responded to me in the manner in which he did. ‘The man has issues and it was not a good day’.


If as his supervisor you know your frontline telephone was being manned by a person with problems, then the sergeant failed in his supervisory duty.  There lies the main issue in law enforcement and the corporate world, it is a cultural issue. 

Excuses are not what we want to hear.

Did this man really have issues just that day or was this something that is part of his make-up.  Others are used to his attitude and tend to ignore and move on. 

I do not!  

The sergeant then passes me off to his boss, which was a voicemail and I left a message, which a call has not be returned to me as of this writing.

I also received a call from the Sheriff of the county, who I explained the incident to.  Honestly, he did not get what had happened or what we were talking about.  This is a major issue and management is not functioning to resolve.  Do they even want to resolve these problems or has it become a day to day event that they cannot handle? 

It is amazing that policing under the Nine Peelian Principles is about communicating. 

Even in 1829, they had a better understanding who the police are and their duties to the communities.  It seems we have been frozen in time and lack the understanding that collectively there are solutions and the ‘people are the police and police are the people’.

We do not write or speak just to hear my own or corporate voice!  WE have proven global solutions.  Law enforcement is not the be all and end all of knowing it all!

Enterprise has a contribution to make and must listen too. 
Crime and social issues are killing us, ruining lives and some think they know it all, you don’t and we don’t.  What we do know is, there is a help, stop turning it down and closing your minds.  It will be the demise of you and society as we know it!

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risks Solutions Partner, developed Atmospherics for use in military theaters of engagement some twelve years ago, with immense live saving success.

Now it is available for law enforcement agencies with even more capabilities with proven success.  As a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner, it has afforded us all a stream of current public data and information at levels only dreamed of by others.

Law enforcement agencies are collecting so much information across their regions, which when left in a data silo are useless.

Crime Analytics, Mapping, Predictive Analysis and importantly the foundation of Intelligence Gathering, Social Media Monitoring has been honed by CommSmart Global Group and is a global force in professional crime solving.
Now at the fingertips of those that protect and serve.  Law enforcement is people and people are the police and vice versa.

It is the CommSmart way to present our information to you or through our Super 1829 Symposiums which are powerful mentoring and coaching full day events.

Law enforcement has radically changed since the days of Sir Robert Peel and his Nine Peelian Principles, though, they are the basis of policing and when connected to strategic technology and change agency, times change for the betterment of all, this includes of course community and law enforcement agencies. 

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