Thursday, January 5, 2017

Why Are We So Digitally Direct On Policing & Community?

Why Are We So Digitally Direct On Policing & Community?
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Policing & Communities are falling apart in front of our eyes and all we seem to be doing is having meetings and more bloody meetings with no-one having the ‘testicular fortitude’ to make a decision!

What is the Fear Factor here?

Talking out of both sides of your ‘north & south’, is not the answer.

Sure, there are some that say, ‘well you just want to sell us something’!  

Correct, we are a business and run our global company as such, with many differences.  

Being passionate with a known solution is our proactive mission, we are seeing the issues and have taken charge of the method of improving the safety of communities and the officers who serve them.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner, has over twenty-one years of our Digital Policing, having invested, developed, tried, tested and perfected a solution that is here now, working and moving with the digital changes.  

Our background is decades of law enforcement and computer programming, going back to 1976.

Whilst policing and community is regressing into a ‘hell hole’, which every single day whilst nothing is implemented, is another lost decade and generation. 

We do not want to market to you, we wish to converse, see what your agency situation is and explain in an understandable dialogue and not gobbledygook.

Digital Policing is here now, with us working in over 800 agencies globally and has dire needs in the U.K. and Europe.

It is all about Link Analysis from one end of the land to the other, sharing all information securely, analytics, mapping, predictability and social media monitoring.  Even how to communicate with your communities with social media in a proactive and responsive manner.

Full professional services to implement your needs.

Visit our website and see for yourself and understand why our passion runs so deep your community and officers deserve it!.

Telephone: +1 (330) 366.6860

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