Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Our Art of the Possible

Our Art of the Possible
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

To some it is just another quote or phrase that people have latched on to and has no real meaning or intention; I can assure, to the CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner’s connected global team, it’s not! 

Our usage of such a term is far different from the “norm”.  Our passion for the creation, understanding and required talents is extreme and you may already know our “straight talking” leads to proven results, which is the “real end goal”.

The original phrase is "Politics is the art of the possible", which means, "It's not about what's right or what's best. It's about what you can actually get done". It's associated with Realpolitik, a political philosophy of setting pragmatism over your ideological goals.

The term "art of the possible" is sometimes generalized in the sense of avoiding perfectionism. The goal is to get something that is good enough and move on rather than being driven into complete immobility by a desire to be perfect.

Once you realize that getting everything you want is impossible, and often, you have to severely compromise in order to get anything you want at all. But in the end, refusing to compromise means you get nothing whatsoever.

We have taken to whole new positive platform and extreme.  To achieve you must have a gathering of information, data, and ideas if you will.

Our collective talents with the full understanding of the client’s wants and needs, meshed with constant dialogue and exchanges, create the final positive and the planned outcome.

Now you have a Gathering, a Gathering Place, to us, a Digital Gathering Place that has no communication boundaries, only concise direct dialogue interactions.

In all that we do under our group’s umbrella is precise, unwavering and importantly, conversational in nature and with full data access:
These are more than the Art of the Possible, they have trusted areas of effective proven solutions.

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It is productivity perfection personified!


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