Friday, July 14, 2017

How Can Public Safety Benefit From
Using Proximity Beacons?

The beacon is a transmitter which sends its signal approximately 100 yards and enacts a messaging notification via Bluetooth and Google’s ‘Nearby’ technology to Smartphones.

For law enforcement specifically, this opens a plethora of possibilities of communicating whilst still in an area, as the beacon transmits all the time, no matter where it is.

Looking for witnesses has changed, we can now either place a device surreptitiously in an area which when changing the linked website will address an incident whilst looking for those tight-lipped witnesses and even have an anonymous tip segment included in the message sent to the phone as a notification.  

As it is a web page, graphics, pictures, descriptions, even video are timely sent to individuals who pass through the placement areas or who are passed by a patrol car that has a Proximity Beacon within it.

It is also community policing tool, broadcasting within a community.  Your campaigns throughout the year can be tied in.  “Responsible Drinking”, beacons can be placed in or near bars of concern.  Seat belt information in a parking lot. 

Having officers carrying this key fob size device at Events can be a great community outreach possibility too.

We spoke about Proximity Marketing in a specific sense, now let us look at general usage.

All SME’s have the opportunity to be in Brand Marketing, transmitting your company, services or location to all that pass within 100 yards of you, directly to the passerby’s mobile phone.  Their Smartphone receives your message and link directly to your secure website URL.

Even when driving your car from A to B, those that you pass are starting to know all about your company and services.

No matter what business, Bricks and MortarFood Truck, or selling at the Farmer’s Market, they know where to find you! 

Oh, real-estate companies think of the power of attracting the attention of potential buyers who stop by the house for sale, it hits their Smartphone and even plays a video tour of the property.

Restaurants and bars have we got the marketing tool for you! Those who drive by you or even walking passed, you have got their attention too!  Plus all that work around you in the surrounding offices!

The list and opportunities go on and on…


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