Sunday, October 8, 2017

These Are Not Tears of Joy...

These Are Not Tears of Joy...
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

As we all age, some worse than others, we reflect on our lives and how we basically have all 'fucked up' along the way.  Though really never wanted to admit it in public, we all know our dark dank secrets that we keep locked away in seclusion, hoping they stay that way.  

Right, Weinstein? 

Oh if only the politicians, religious zealots, nutjob murders, movie producers, and corporate gods were listening, would this be a better world?  I think not, it has been unsocially entrenched since water was turned into wine.

Since we all got on this social media bandwagon that has caused civil unrest, compact world wars and more divorces than imaginable, no two days are the same.  Innocent incidents like a road accident where people are hit on the high street, immediately seen as a jihadist plot or a car backfiring resonate as a terror attack, simple innocent events that mean fear is amplified among us all.

Where the hell did we go wrong, Mark Zuckerberg?  

Let's face it, social media is responsible for more deaths, suicides, divorces, and drug overdoses than your God wishes to admit too.

It is the beginning of another week and what lies ahead is truly unknown.  Only those that have planned horrific acts and waiting for the right time to enact the planned atrocities, shock us and to be a headline for a week, replacing all the 'Fake News' syndromes. 

So what is the next dismal headline?

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