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Ordinance(1) or Ordnance(2)?
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Two very different meanings and sadly in one respect, both are explosive or implosive in negative and opposite manners.

There is an implosive decline in revenue collections with municipal/city ordinances. The explosive aspect is taxation, the main stay of any city worldwide.  On the other hand, why pass the rules if you never going to follow through enact and collect the taxes/fines/administrative fees imposed?  Basically failing the citizens and the infrastructure requirements of the people who elected you!

Over the last decade the understanding of the infrastructure to administer a municipality has changed drastically and those involved are blinded by the fast moving situations that surround them.  The rules written to run a city have changed so drastically, the ongoing staff and ever-changing elected officials just keep the wheels on the train moving in the way it has always been done.

The downturn in the country’s economy has blindsided us all and everyone is trying to manage the situation and we all know the closer you are to a situation the less you see and everyone around you has an opinion. 

Guess what?  The Tracometry Group of Companies has an opinion too!  A welcome opinion that has been proven time and time again and wants to partner with you to get the revenues back to the rightful owners, the municipality and the citizens.

Through our team of down to earth street smart innovators, managers, analysts, software designers, ex-senior law enforcement, compliance directors and financial managers, we have full understanding of today’s requirements.  We have the tribal knowledge of the streets, that municipal beat to maintain and grow a city’s economy, working with citizens, community and neighborhoods, bring back the respect, trust and reuniting revenues to make the city what it was and what it should be for us all.

City police and county sheriffs are sworn to protect and serve and through budget cuts, in reality, lack of monies being brought in by city and counties, their ability is jeopardizing everyone, the officers and the citizens alike. We have the remedies, not just one, but a myriad of proven solutions and not in a cookie cutter fashion.

It is a cross benefit approach to each and every city, county and state we provide.  We do not believe in the “them and us” situation.  This is a cohesive cross pollination of situations, ideas and proven methodology.  We believe in placing it all on the table.  The successful way back to economic stability and community well-being is vital for us all.  We all live in cities, towns, counties and states that make up this nation.  Our techniques work worldwide as we have proven time and time again.

Tracometry Group of Companies has you covered from start to finish.  
The proven elements and experience to solve this major nationwide financial problem.  From all aspects that you require:
  • digital method of issuing parking citations
  • full photographic evidence, so far less challenges
  • moving violations
  • court administration fees
  • code enforcement issuance
  • building permit inspections/issuance
  • health violations
  • database management
  • online payment solution
  • full crime, civil, deductive analytics
  • tracking
  • next event predictability
  • collections - reuniting the revenue$
Through our solutions and company’s we are a virtuous financial circle, with the final results of reunited revenues to the rightful recipient.

Tracometry Group of Companies:

Penamatics Digital Pen & paper Citation Issuance/Collections Solution with Street Level Real Time Data Collection, which includes Volunteers in Street Policing (VSP). 

PosiQR secure QR codes for counterfeit recognition, compliance and effective pen or keyboard free input.

Tracometry Crime Analytics, Tracking, Call for Service Data, & Next Event Predictability Either State repository for crime data and analytical department Street Level Data, enhancing full effective crime solving.   Allowing the public to see the calls for service and crime statistics via the Internet 24/7.

The Pied Piper Project – Involving revival of communities and neighborhoods, effectively bringing back Trust and Respect for All.  Using existing city codes and laws to clean up the problems in a few short months.
recoupeit collections that reunite revenue$ for cities and commerce.

Let the Tracometry Group of Companies become your strategic partner and work with you to formulate your solutions for issuance to collections.  Yes, we complete the virtuous financial circle and bring your citizens the revenues to provide the promised and expected services.

WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…


Ordnance may refer to:

(1) Military:

· Weapons and ammunition

· Military logistics, especially provision of weapons and ammunition

· ordnance weapon, a personal weapon issued to a member of a military unit

· Aircraft ordnance, weapons carried by and used by an aircraft

· Artillery, often in the formal name e.g. as in Ordnance Survey

· Artillery shells, specifically unexploded ordnance

· Ordnance Datum, (from use in ballistics) a vertical datum used as the basis for deriving altitudes on maps

· Ordnance, Oregon, a former community near the Umatilla Chemical Depot

Ordinance may refer to:

(2) Law:

· Local ordinance, a law made by a municipality or other local authority

· Act of Parliament, in some jurisdictions, such as England when the parliament operated without regal sanction, and a number of British colonies

· Royal ordinance, see Decree

· Ordonnance (French constitutional law), in French government, a regulation adopted by the executive in a domain normally reserved for statute law

· Ordinance (Belgium), a law adopted by the Brussels Parliament or the Common Community Commission

· Ordinance (university), a particular class of internal legislation in a United Kingdom university

· Ordinance XX, a law passed down in Pakistan which prevents Ahmadi Muslims from being identified as Muslims

In religion:

· Ordination, the process by which one is consecrated

· Ecclesiastical ordinances, the bylaws of a Christian religious organization

· Ordinance (Christian), Protestant term for religious ritual

· Baptist ordinance, Believer's Baptism and Lord's Supper

· Ordinance (Latter Day Saints), a religious ritual of special significance

· Ordinance room, place for Latter Day Saint ordinances