Saturday, February 2, 2013

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Just Where and What Are You Living In (the Neighborhood)?
by Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry.

We all work during the week and never see the day to day activities of the neighborhood that surround our homes.  Someone does!  The neighbor that is retired and home each and every day, go visit them and find out just what is going on.  It is not that they are nosey neighbors and see it all, they hear and see things each and every day and know the neighborhood better than anyone.  Maybe they have needs as well.

Most of us have never met our neighbors and have no idea of the local activities.  We are immersed in our workday worlds and as long as it does not affect us, we don’t care.  Is your street, circle or cul de sac a drug supermarket during the day?  Yes, it is happening in any neighbor, any town! 

One circle in Salt Lake City, Utah had upward of 60 (sixty) vehicles during daylight hours coming into the neighborhood just for drug buys.  No one really knew, as during the week, they were all at work and the retirees said nothing.
It was the sleeping hours that were even worse, we slept and the heroin, meth and crack was exchanged just across the street!  Not the type of people you were expecting in your neighborhood and who knows what else can happen.

Remember your children come home from school before you do and this activity is going on right in front of them.  What examples are being shown?

By the way, do you know where the sexual predators live in your neighborhood?  A friend just found out that he was surrounded by them and two were there illegally.  They never reported they had moved into the neighborhood as they are directed to.

The tenants who are always fixing cars, the revving engines, oil spots all over the street and people hanging around waiting on their car to be fixed.  All in your neighborhood as an illegal business.

You bought a home and have respect in your property, nice yard, flowers, cut lawn and you keep the place nice and tidy.  Do your neighbors?  Is the house next door overcrowded?  Too many people living in the home or sleeping in the shed in the back of the home?  City codes can fix that!  If people are breaking simple laws, they are breaking even larger laws and this brings distrust into a neighborhood.  

Your community needs Respect and Trust at the Forefront.

Wanting that Trust and Respect is a phone call away, bring the Pied Piper Project to your community and make that change in a few short months?  It includes Internet accessible analytics that let you know what is going on and how you can report problems and keep your anonymity, if you wish to.

WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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