Friday, February 1, 2013

What Were You Thinking?

City Managers, Mayors and City Council, are you thinking it through?
by Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry.

Running a city is like running a business.  You have costs and expenditures and even when you invoice, you expect payment, do you not?

It is all well and good to have the means to raise revenues with fines, infractions and code violations in a cost effective way, the other is dealing with those that fail to pay those levied monies and how to collect the missing funds.

It is not an easy matter and like all cities, you believe you will collect 100%, you don’t!  You will be lucky if you collect above 49% and even that is at a massive additional cost. 

Cities that believe they can obtain the outstanding monies by offering amnesty for partial payment have made a rod for their own back and will collect even less, if any!  Some describe it as a vicious financial circle and the truth meter of collections proves the point that it is not working and the revenues are being left on the streets.

The Tracometry Group of Companies has all the proven elements and experience to solve this major nationwide financial problem.  From all aspects that you require:
  • ü  digital method of issuing parking citations
  • ü  full photographic evidence
  • ü  moving violations
  • ü  code enforcement issuance
  • ü  building permit inspections/issuance
  • ü  health violations
  • ü  database management
  • ü  online payment solution
  • ü  full crime and civil analytics
  • ü  tracking
  • ü  next event predictability
  • ü  collections - reuniting the revenue$

Through our solutions and company’s we are a virtuous financial circle, with the final results of reunited revenues to the rightful recipient.

Tracometry Group of Companies:

Penamatics Digital Pen & paper Citation Issuance/Collections Solution with Street Level Real Time Data Collection, which includes Volunteers in Street Policing (VSP). 

PosiQR - secure QR codes for counterfeit recognition and compliance

Tracometry – BAIR Analytics - RAIDSONLINE – Crime Analytics, Tracking, Call for Service Data, & Next Event Predictability Either State repository for crime data and analytical department Street Level Data, enhancing full effective crime solving.   Allowing the public to see the calls for service and crime statistics via the Internet 24/7.

The Pied Piper Project – Involving revival of communities and neighborhoods, effectively bringing back Trust and Respect for All.  Using existing city codes and laws to clean up the problems in a few short months.

recoupeit collections that reunite revenues for cities and commerce

Let the Tracometry Group of Companies become your strategic partner and work with you to formulate your solutions for issuance to collections.  Yes, we complete the virtuous financial circle and bring your citizens the revenues to provide the promised and expected services.

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