Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Breaking the Routine...

Predictability Personified!
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Every single morning, I wake, stumble down the stairs, in the darkness, I switch on the computer, turn the desk light on and grab the headset for the television, so I do not wake the rest of the household.  Understand, my day starts around 3:45 a.m., whilst most of you are zoned out and in the deepest part of your sleep.
Then, the simple routine starts, I have pages on the Internet that I visit in order to retrieve the news and thoughts of the day.  I suppose it is my humdrum, my rut in of life goes full circle. 

This morning, a colleague in Canada, I will call him Greg for security reasons, who is part of GLIA, a group of great thoughtful thinkers, who are changing the world, one beer at a time, eh, has some interesting posts on Google+.  
Today was a glorious one as usual and gives me an idea…

It was an article that talked about the ten commandments of the theatre, no, not those ten commandments, the ones with Mel Brooks, these ten commandments

Anyway, No. 7 caught my eye:

7. When in doubt, break the routine

It got my attention!  When we do the same thing, the same way, every day, we are boring!  In business or our personal family life, repetitious rigmarole is boring…  Even the dogs yawn and walk the other way.

People expect the expected, if they ask you how you are, they expect you to say “fine thanks”, or “doing good.”  Predictability personified!  It is the same in business, we start on the phone the same way every time, and it is our comfort zone so to speak.  Our in person meetings we just plod along, it is a comfort zone that is stifling your business.

We have to break it up to add some spice and enthusiasm in our lives.  By making that change in our daily pattern which allows our mind to visit that fantasy land, smile and make that difference with people.  You, are not the boring individual that is most of society, who are robotic in their daily routines.  Break the routine…

In fact, yesterday at a meeting with a top city official, we talked on a very normal “three guy’s” level, an important meeting regarding city issues that have to be changed to make sure citizens are safe and communities do not fall into W.W. V.  It was human and unpretentious.  Real talk about real matters, that is the difference.

Afterwards we went across the street, my fellow cohort took me to the market place for lunch, his favorite haunt, “Jumbo’s in the Market”, it has been in business nearly forty years and has lunches that people come from everywhere for.

The lady who served us had worked there 33 years and did not look a day over eighteen.  I digress… I placed my order for this dog with beef, they told me it is their signature dish, well not in a dish, but in tinfoil and paper with a plastic knife and fork, that you carefully use, as just a little pressure snaps the thing into deadly pieces.

Another lady comes over and asks if we are together, I could not resist and had to break the routine, I said “no, just holding hands.” 

My colleague took two steps away from me, the lady broke out in deep laughter and a fellow customer made me an offer!

So when in doubt, break the routine….

Oh, was the Jumbo in the Market beef dog, which is fresh beef in a hot-dog roll good?  It was excellent and they are located in the Market Place downtown Indianapolis.

So start today in breaking the routine… it is well worth it!
It will cost you nothing to open your mind and see what you are missing…

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