Friday, March 1, 2013

Without the Mask and Cape...

Without the Mask or the Cape…
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, Tracometry Group of Companies. 

The definition of a superhero is a stock character, someone like you or me, who goes above and beyond the call of duty to protect the innocent and preserve life.

The Tracometry Group of Companies is not in the Super Hero business, but I do remember watching the Lone Ranger with Clayton Moore and his horse, Silver and Tonto, now being played by Johnny Depp, in the new Lone Ranger movie about to be released. I think it is really pirates in the dessert on horses.

Interesting enough we work with people who need to be called Super Hero and relentlessly do their job and of their best every day.

Keeping the human race from totally killing each other, bullying people, beating up their friends and soul mates, intimidating their co-workers, buying and selling mind altering substances and apparently just being jerks, our Super Heroes in Public Safety, go to work and do their best, each and every day and we, at Tracometry, help them achieve that.

Our tool bag of the trade is overstuffed with experience, proven techniques and importantly positive results, embraced by the agencies who are experiencing the credible community results. Changing communities one zip code at a time, removing criminals from the streets, bring back the revenues owed and importantly, caring about our future.

Uniting people, teaching our children, who are killing each other in extraordinary numbers, that life is precious and a community connected with Trust, Respect and Pride is far better than what is going on daily, through the communities of Any Town, USA.

It is easier for you to watch the videos below and understand why we do what we do and care for our fellow man and woman.

Tracometry Group of Companies is about people, real people who understand and we do not need masks or the cape, and our pure naked inner concerns radiate the strengths as communicators with solutions.

Let your city join our team and change the landscape to one of hope, safety, security, employment and a real future, once again.

P.S. we do own suits and ties. 

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