Thursday, March 28, 2013

World Class Customer Service!

Customer Service, Beyond Expectation…
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

When you have out of town guests, you normally like to socialize, especially when they are here over a weekend.  So we did!  Nothing better than a place to have Sunday Brunch and a somewhere different.  We found Ertel Cellars Winery, about an hour outside Indianapolis, Indiana, our guests in the Hummer, collected us and we drove.  The conversation flowed and the weather was changing to a massive snow storm, so we were cognizant of the possibility of major snow accumulation.

You know what it is like when driving, chatter among four people with the driver concentrating on the route with GPS of course and then something went a little wrong.  Our driver, who shall remain nameless, Derek, suddenly remembered he had not got gas, as his better half had told him.  As we went down one of the few hills in Indiana, the words, “oh dear”, did not reflect the emptiness of the fuel tank. Thank goodness the winery was in sight up, yet up another hill.  We coasted around the corner and had nothing to do but park.

We walked up the hill and I entered the Ertel Cellars Winery, to be greeted with those wonderful words, “and how are doing”, to which I replied, “not good”.  Michelle, I had never met her, but spoke on the phone, looked puzzled, so I explained.  She said for us to get seated and not to worry, so we did in this pleasant restaurant with its bar, buffet and wine making vat area below.

Our driver was certainly apologizing profusely and as we all visited the wonderful buffet, chef told us to relax, enjoy the buffet and the wine, someone will get us gas for the Hummer. They were genuinely concern for our enjoyment and I can tell you, the food was most excellent and a variety of great brunch specials.  Now the wine… ah the wine, a bouquet and taste that was unexpected for a winery we did not know.  I have say, it was excellent and highly recommended.

Michelle, our waitress was friendly, concerned and made our experience magnificent.  The Hummer got gas and moved to the parking lot and we filled our bellies with super food and wine, respecting the drinking and driving laws of course.

If there is anywhere in the world to run out of gas, it is right next door to the Ertel Cellars Winery and that is not all, the Sunday Brunch is ****’s four stars, as is the customer service.  I hear they have a Seafood Buffett on Fridays starting this Friday, yes Good Friday. I believe we need to be there!  Will you?
Thank you one and all, including Derek!

Call: +1 (317) 426.0110

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