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Street Level Digital Input Solutions
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Full Service, Full Circle, Fully Qualified… 
by Nick Ashton Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Who said living was easy?  When it comes to all around us, the job is never ending, but a circle has no end, it is always connected and even if, sliced the two ends point at each other and can easily be fixed.  The Tracometry Group of Companies is your municipality, city, community, neighborhood, social
entity and corporate circle.  The ring of fire, the circle of wagons and so many other analogies are just some of the sayings that spring to mind when encirclement is suggested.  The encapsulation of it all, methods and importantly, solutions to close the circle tighter, inform, educate, restore, reintroduce, resolve and bring back the Trust, Respect And Pride (the perfect and social acceptable TRAP), to municipalities, cities and importantly at street level in the communities, which include, the schools, neighborhoods and people, the residents.

Too much is escaping from the communities, lost lives through street violence, teens killing teens, drug dealers and buyers infesting neighborhoods, rape, domestic violence, child endangerment, child and social abuse, lack of education and employment, people just not getting along…  It does not have to be this way!

So what are the elements for securing the success of municipalities, communities and neighborhoods and integrating social and corporate security for all?  Simply, a real future and not make believe and fairy tales.  The tales today are extremely Grimm… not in the case of Tracometry Group of Companies.

The Tracometry Group of Companies, sounds kind of heady like, nerdy, we are not!  Far from, we come from law enforcement, digital creation, financial reuniting of revenues and crime analytics.  Cops, Cash and Computers, so to speak, straight talkers!

Decisions, effective and resourceful decisions can only be made definitively with the right information.  This is where we are so different.  Collecting street level information is as simple a pen and paper, a digital pen and paper in our case.  The tablet and computer also, but everyone can use a pen, it is ubiquitous. 

Tracometry’s Penamatics handles digital input in real time from any type of form or document that normally would have to be typed or re-typed.  This is from the nib of the pen directly to the database, which can securely be shared with instant information.  From parking citations, traffic infractions, code enforcement, emergency management info, medical research information and the list goes.  If it is on paper we can capture and put it where it should be, from the written word to the digital format, that simple, that fast. 

Tracometry’s BAIR Analytics – Your Public Safety Department, can’t do without the tools, Full Crime Analytics, Tracking Calls for Service Data, Next Event Predictability. The entire BAIR suite of crime analysis products - ATAC Workstation,, which is for the 24/7 public information portal with anonymous crime information solutions, ATACRAIDS and ATAC Workstation is the most robust crime analysis workhorse you've ever seen. Over 500 law enforcement agencies think so, so does the DOD.  There's a free trial available, if you'd like to learn more contact us.

Tracometry’s Pied Piper Project – Communities in all cities have crime and social problems, by training your community officers and supervisors to negate liability, we change the landscape entirely.  Using analytics, data on crimes, criminals and domestic blight, we use the laws on the books and proven psychology to instill the change in a short period, with then follow-up remedial oversight. This includes law enforcement, animal control, code enforcement and landlord/tenant issues, collectively we have enveloped the community and work on education, social skills, employment, intervention regarding criminals and anti-social behaviors.

Tracometry’s Recoupeit, reuniting revenues, is the ability to address and collect outstanding adjudicated revenue from the courts, property taxes etc.  Our expertise has been in operation for over twenty years in Europe and these years of success are now available in the USA.  Why not use a company that approaches with street level understanding or the principles and social understanding of un-collected funds and the difference it will make to your city.  

We look at this street level issue and non-collections from an anthropologic approach. We must review and take on social control myths which should be of interest to everybody who's actively dealing with social structures that have disintegrated, eroding the whole purpose of social living and individual/corporate success. 

Businesses today, are completing their daily tasks on a global basis in a vast market place. The only constant is change, change occurs at an unprecedented pace and in today's world, strategic planning is a must for survival in this highly competitive market condition. Leaders of industries must always look ahead, able to anticipate change and develop a strategy to proactively and successfully navigate through the turbulence created by change.

At the same time, strategic planning is crucial, as all levels of the organization needs to provide the purpose and direction of the business. There is no way that we could do a thing without having a direction of where we are heading to. Everyone in the organization needs to know what they sell, produce or do, who the target customers are and how they should compete. Without strategic planning, businesses simply drifts and only react to the pressure of that particular day. Those organizations that do not plan will have exponentially higher rates of costs and failure than those who plan and implement expeditiously.

A successful strategic planning teaches business leaders to accept that yesterday's success does not ensure the success in the future. It is understanding of collecting the information, analytical reviewing and implementing the requirements in a timely fashion.  There is no excuse, planning is hard work for as much time, energy and commitments that are spent on these factors for the success. It is worth it!

Without doubt, the best plans and ideas, without great execution, are just plans or ideas, they do not bring any result or benefit to anyone. Therefore, a right and talented personnel is important to make sure the strategies which are implemented effectively and efficiently make the vital difference. Regardless of the size of an organization, a strategic plan is the foundation on which all business activities can be connected and "aligned". It is the key to bring an organization to the survival and victory.

So what happened to our civil social communities?  Was there a brick wall built to stop us reviewing, implementing and looking at our infrastructure, housing, employment, public safety, education and the civility of neighbors and their families?

The Tracometry Group of Companies is available to assess your needs on all of our capabilities, let us have a logical conversation on your issues that keep you up at night and see where we can start.  Every city is different and every case has different tabs and notes, Tracometry Group of Companies has more than two ears and listens to your concerns and we will evaluate together our plans and solutions.

Your call…

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