Saturday, March 23, 2013

WE Will Rise...


When you are wanting change and all around, in the communities is falling apart, parents fighting, teens killing teens, drugs on sale, drug dealers murdering each other, domestic violence, home invasion, rape, uneducated children and the community is going to hell in a hang basket, where do you go for help?

There is a core group of people, companies and public service organizations that actually care and want to assist and give back to restore the community they once knew.  We are looking for you, wanting you to reach out to us, assist in the restoration of life and putting spirit back into the streets of our neighborhoods. 

Will you do that please?

We created the Pied Piper Project, that has been extremely successful in changing the way of life for those that are touched by it.  Now, we have added an extra element to kick off the ability to reach through a music concert with Alex Boye' the start for communities to rise and be great again.  Yes, like a phoenix from the ashes of despair and wanted need.  Alex Boye's music is more than awesome, his ability to touch all and I mean all, will astound you and give you strength to ride the journey of change, introducing Trust, Respect and Pride back into the community.

Come join the journey and see it happen before your very eyes....  contact me, the clock is ticking...

View the You Tube Video and have your choir and church become involved in the problems that surround us all.

Email For details for Your Choir to back Alex Boye' in Concert in June 2013 in Indianapolis, IN.


Sponsorship is available Call (317) 426.0110