Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Do Not Ignore...

Write It Off Or
Pick Up The Pieces?
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, 
Tracometry Group of Companies.

Run-down, dilapidated, crime-infested and drug-ridden are descriptors that homeowners typically avoid attaching to their neighborhoods — unless those terms describe what the area was like before its revitalization. 

Wait a second!  What revitalization?  Our neighborhoods are going to hell in a hang basket!

Have you driven around your city, I mean places you have never been or seen before?  We just did and wow!  Houses boarded up, seedy folks hanging on the only house left on the block, if you can call it house, on a street with folks hanging on street corners, which look like they just dropped in from a scene from Escape from New York.

Seeing a neighborhood fall apart in front of your eyes, never happens, it is like, now you see, now you don’t.  Like driving to work the same way each day, you miss the construction of a tall building, until, you stop in traffic at a place you have never stopped before, turn, and see this monstrosity that seems to have appeared from nowhere, right in front of your eyes.  You know the feeling…

So what has happened to a country that had it all?  What are we, a third world country?  Do we need to go to the United Nations and ask for aid?  It sure looks that way!  No disrespect to Third World countries, at least you are moving forward and this nation has taken an almighty drop…

I look at pictures of Africa, Syria, Haiti, and Cuba, blinking and cursing under my breath on what I am seeing and feeling on their situation. I have walked the streets of London, I grew up there, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Liberia, smelled the poverty, kicked the trash and looked in the eyes of hopeless people, knowing back then, that we, in America, had never had it so good.  How wrong I was!  Today, just look at us!  How can we just continue as if nothing is wrong?

Detroit is broke!  It has nothing but people who live day to day, children who have no future if the family stays.  Then again, where do you go, when you have no money for the bus, if it is still running?

The Michigan governor has brought in a financial manger to assist in finding out what has gone wrong and how it can be saved.  Do what?  A bit late, when your own administration has run it into the ground.  Once the King of the Automobile industry is up on blocks and the body has been stripped of all that was worth saving.  Who is next on the list?  Have you looked out the window lately?

The news tells us each day of the violence, sexual and domestic abuse, crime and the death of another teen or someone in a home invasion.  It will take education, intervention, employment opportunities and a real jolt of reality which is not going to happen, unless the community and neighborhood roll up their sleeves and can see the path out of their pitiful existence.  

So what are you going to do?  Sitting there drinking your Latte, in a sterile Starbucks, among others who choose to ignore the blight that is all around you. 

I am not!  I am a doer, like the city I live in and cities around me that have a vision, an achievable vision and daily, work on all the aspects of running a business.  Communities are a business and so are the people within those communities and they cannot be left to their own devices. Cities and municipalities have the citizens as their clients and must serve them to the best of their abilities.  Those that wish to continue, the “them and us syndrome”, you will be left by the wayside, only to be found by our future anthropologists and historians in the big book of failure.  Examples of how not live your life and to be a dis-service to your fellow man, woman and child.

You see, we are seeing the results of the entitlement generations that is firmly entrenched in their DNA.  This is the government assistance programites.  A sickness that has been left to fester and placed on the bottom of the list of things to do.

We do not need mouth pieces who only come out when the television news cameras are rolling and go back to study their books and just prayer for action.  We need and require people who have a conscious and the will to be part of the biggest change America needs right now.

It is about pro-activity, not delayed reactionary failure.

So are we going to write it off or pick-up the pieces

I know where I stand and the effort I am placing on picking up the pieces…

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