Friday, March 22, 2013

Have You Had, Just One Of Those Days?

Have You Had, Just One of Those Days?
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Planning is both part of our social and business lives and effectively managing your valuable time is of the utmost importance.  Today, we use digital diaries, calendars and of course, all on our smart mobile phone.  The appointments that you make are walking around with you and the electronic reminders keep us in-touch and on time.

You can make the appointment and plan what that meeting is to be about and what you want to achieve.  If it is a one on one meeting, you have the opportunity to control the content and guide the outcome.  In some respects, it depends on your character and the acceptance, in business, of the other party’s reception of you. 

If you, and a team are meeting with a potential client, there enters the massive variables of conversation and how you are now just one of a group, guiding your client to the desired outcome for all.  Difficult, when the script is among your team and you have free flow input from your client, he or she may have just page one of the script, but, the final scene, has never been rehearsed or finalized. 

The team has the pre-planned goal, with individual overtones and the client is having to listen to different people, voices, personalities and all within a time constraint.  The clock is ticking and so it should, the time window of opportunity is ever diminishing and the structure for completion on time and target for all parties is vital.

How often do you have day of appointments with three different clients, all on the same subject, but from different perspectives and keep on track, on time and on point?  I know, a long question, but why I bring it up is simple, I am proud to be part of a winning and successful team that provides services and solutions that are second to none and serve our clients and potential clients in a most professional cohesive manner.

We have two ears and one mouth and listening to your client’s situations, what keeps them in a business sense, up at night, is so important for both of you.  When there are five in the room and one a speaker phone, it is not the most conducive environment and in many cases, doomed to fail.  Not in our case, I was pleased and proud to be one among the team and have respect for all in the room.

Meeting people for the first time is not easy and the key is simple, be you, listen and importantly respect the time window you have.  Sure, traffic can play a part on being on time, use the phone and call if you know you are running behind and stopping for all traffic lights.  That is respect to the potential client.

So yesterday was one of those days, a great day for all concerned, our team and potential clients, as we have respect for all and their input to allow us to provide the solutions in a more than amicable way.

I plan for days like this every day and it is the initial connection and follow through that makes the difference.

Thank you team, and thanks to our folks we meet with...  together we can make that important difference.

WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW...

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